10 Easiest Ways to Monetize a New Blog


When you have just started your blog and its time to look for tips for blogging like a pro, the one thing they will tell you about monetization is that you should wait for a certain period of time until you have a certain number of visitors. It all makes sense but waiting is sometimes akin to refusing the money you can otherwise earn. It can take you months or years to get more than 10000 visitors a day, which is considered an important milestone. A lot of pros would tell you to start monetizing as soon as you can, but the fact that you have to build a steady stream of traffic still holds true.

This article shares ten effective and easy ways to monetize your new blog early in its infancy. So, lets start with the basics.

  1. Sell something If earning through an ad network is not an affordable option yet, you can consider selling a product through your blog. Work with affiliates and offer a product that is somehow linked to your own niche.
  2. Create a Book If you have written a number of blogs, but havent really attracted any real traffic. You can try converting your blog into a book and sell it on your own site or through platforms such as Amazon.
  3. Offer Services If you have a blog of your own, the chances are you already have expertise over a certain subject area. You can become a paid consultant or public speaker on that topic. You can promote your services on your blog as it can very well serve as a portfolio.
  4. Become a Freelancer Speaking of services you can offer, you can also become a freelancing blogger and promote those eservices via your blog. You can also seek help from fellow bloggers on your niche, as many of them would pay for guest blogs.
  5. Sell Online Course If you have the knowledge and skills that make you an expert, you can create an online course for people who wish to learn from you. Sell that course through your blog and start earning money.
  6. Paid Post You can actually approach companies to help them increase their brand and product awareness through your posts. Try those products and write a review in return of money. The good thing is that most brands let you be honest about your reviews even if you arent too impressed.
  7. Membership – Depending on your niche, this can actually be the most sure shot way to earn money from your blog. Create a paid membership area where you will be sharing information that is more specific and details your readers want.
  8. Sell Ad Space It is an option that might require you to have a steady traffic on your blog, but there are plenty of sponsors who are willing to bet on newcomers provided you have the quality content readers are looking for
  9. Content lockers This strategy works great when you know the content you have created is unique, high-value, and intriguing. Content lockers let you hide a portion the content and ask readers to pay a small amount of fee to access it.
  10. Explore Ad Networks If you wish to go for paid advertisement, explore your choices of ad networks and find one that exclusively caters to new bloggers on the block.

Start working on monetization as soon as you set up your blog and gradually build a bigger income stream from there.

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