7 Smart Tactics That are Working for Top Bloggers

light-bulbI felt it was high time that we compiled a list of cool
things that bloggers are doing to increase subscribers, please their readers,
encourage comments, generate links, build revenue, and create more stickiness.
There are tons of

that can increase the usability and stickiness of a blog, but in
this post, we’re talking about the things bloggers are doing aside from plugins.

So let’s get right to it:

1. Recapping successful posts for newer subscribers

Matt McGee, author of

Small Business SEM

soon you won’t be able to a single search on Google without a link to JohnChow
dot com popping up!!

3. Encouraging reciprocal link love

Nate Whitehill does a weekly round up of favorite posts
from around the blogosphere like many others do, but he found a way to bump it
up a notch and encourage a link back to his blog with his
Powerful Posts” Award. Bloggers who were mentioned can copy and paste the
HTML of the award on the post that was featured, letting their readers know that
they received a mention on Nate’s blog. We liked the idea so much, that we

something similar for our Friday ‘Who Said That’ round-up. Thanks Nate!

4. Predictable, consistent, weekly features

A blog is similar to a magazine in that the goal is to
develop a strong following and grow a subscriber base. One thing that all
magazines share, no matter how different they are, is having predictable,
consistent columns or features instead of a bunch or random information. Some
people may enjoy one feature so much that they remain a subscriber just to see
what’s new each week even if they don’t have time to read every post, every day.

Whiteboard Friday
where an SEOMozer discusses some behind the scenes insight
is a great example a consistent feature that I personally look forward to
watching each week.
also has a consistent topic schedule where every Tuesday is GTD
(Getting Things Done) day and Sundays are dedicated to posts about building a
better balance with your family.

5. U-Follow? U-Tell

People like to comment- but they like to comment even more
if you follow. If you’ve made the decision to follow links back to the
commenter’s blog or website, why not announce it like

HD Biz Blog

6. Guest Blogging

A number of bloggers have started having others write posts
on their blogs and/or write as guest bloggers on other blogs. Many said that
that they may have been hesitant about asking guest bloggers to post on their
blogs, but after trying it, many like Brian at CopyBlogger

were happy with the diversity
that new voices provided. This is also a smart
way to keep your blog fresh if you know you might be out of town or unavailable
for a while. However, if you’ve built up a following, they may be resistant to
change. Want some real market research on this? Take a look at the comments when
ProBlogger readers were asked if Darren’s guest blogger experiment was

good or bad

7. Holding a Contest

Not to toot our own horn, but our Podcasting contest where
anyone who subscribes and lets us know about it is automatically entered to

win a huge box of podcast gear
has been pretty successful! (More about the
results in a later post). The launch of the contest allowed us to generate
traffic from

press releases
, get mentioned on a number of blogs, and encourage many
people to subscribe. Of course, it’s our responsibility to keep those
subscribers, and we’re happy to have that responsibility. (If you haven’t

yet, be sure to do so by July 18th!)

This is certainly not a comprehensive list of smart things
that bloggers are doing to please their readers and increase the success of
their blogs. Feel free to comment with great ideas that you’ve seen around the

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