Blogging for Success: Make the Most of your Money

Creating a successful blog today is a tricky business. The internet is loaded with websites offering readers a huge variety of topics, from business to personal finance, from beauty to home improvement or gardening. Finding a niche and building an audience is not easy – and it will cost you money to set up and promote a blog to reach its audience and grow. But if you spend it wisely, money can help you grow more than normal. Here are a few tips on where to save.

1. Go for new TLDs

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When reaching out to a global audience, generic top level domains (TLDs) are the best choice. “Generic” meant .com, .net, .org and .biz until recently – but now hosts of new domain extensions were introduced, taking the internet by storm. And, according to Marketingmag editor Adrian Kinderis, they are favored by Google.

New TLDs are often offered at a special price today, allowing you to make a good deal. Besides, domain names closely related to your niche on “traditional” TLDs are most likely all occupied. Instead of choosing an excessively long and just marginally related .com, or paying extra for a premium domain, you can simply choose a new one – like .xyz, for example, or something related to your niche, like .accountants, .travel or even .bargains for that matter.

2. Don’t take any chances with your service providers

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Making the most of your money doesn’t mean to choose a cheaper product or service. Cheap usually means lower quality, after all. Don’t take any chances – choose the right product for the right price. Be sure to do your homework – read other users’ opinions about services like hosting for example. You can’t afford your blooming reputation to be ruined by too much downtime after all.

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3. Don’t be desperate to create viral content

The secret to success in blogging is clear, understandable, relatable and shareable content. But don’t go to the extremes to create viral posts or videos. Keep your voice your own, and don’t fall for “recipes for success”. Be consistent in your effort to build your audience, don’t rush things – you could do more bad than good.

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