Corporate Blogging: A Few Effective Tips Explained


Do you consider blogging as a powerful tool having the potential to take your business to new heights? There clearly are conflicting opinions regarding the same. While there are a few studies which reveal that blogging remains the second most effective B2B lead generation tactic (Source:, there are others who clearly believe that corporate blogging is perishing. The truth, however, is that blogging still has the power to drive sales indirectly. Those who endorse this medium whole-heartedly- would tell you that the tool is as good as your skills. The success of corporate blogging relies on your web marketing expertise. If you are able to utilize it properly then you will be able to reap the benefits. Here are a few tips to approach corporate blogging.

Effective Corporate Blogging: A few Tips


Dig deep to find out what your target audience wants to read. Reflect duly on your key value propositions and determine what exactly your blog is going to stand for and the solutions which you are going to bring on board. As a corporate blogger you cannot really commit the mistake of going overboard with your promotions. You can neither afford to completely ignore yourself. There is no place for hard sells in your blogs. However, you have to ensure that you are at least talking about yourself and your products and services.

Your target audience necessarily doesn’t have to be your immediate buyers. They can jolly well be people who influence your buyers as well. For instance, if you promoting Real Estate Lucknow, you can keep people like mortgage brokers, real estate experts and home inspectors in view while writing instead of concentrating only on immediate home buyers.

Organize a blogging team

It is always important to have a core blogging team comprising individuals who not only have a flair for writing but are comfortable in writing in your niche as well. You can train them on editorial guidelines. However, make sure you are telling about the aspects of your products which you want to highlight in your blogs. You might as well choose to have a separate team having a final look at the blogs before they are published.

Keeping the basics of corporate blogging intact, each and every member of your blogging team should ideally have variant writing “styles” and “personalities”.

Bring a bit of background on board

This is a way in which you can “humanize” your blog. You can tell your audience about who you are. Tell them about the difficult times you faced – especially when it came to gaining a foothold in the industry. Your readers are interested in your blogs because they treat you as the author of your domain. When you are writing about a relevant current affair on your blog you can always bring references to your professional history in order to substantiate your opinions. Your own experiences during the difficult stages of your professional life might turn out to be effective solutions for people dealing with similar problems today.

Spread the word

You need to promote your blog on your e-mails, business cards and social media platforms – at least to secure initial traction.

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