How to Write a Great Article for Your Website


Do you want to keep your website fresh and up-to-date, whilst increasing your presence in the search engine results pages? Well, you need to write informative, compelling content that people want to read. Read our handy tips on how to write a great article for your website.

Write Original Content

Establish your brand as an industry thought leader by writing original content for your website. Don’t be tempted to add other people’s blogs onto your site. Otherwise, you might be penalized by Google, which could prevent your site from ranking highly in the search engines, or it may fail to rank. You must therefore take the time to develop original ideas and write unique content. Not only will it improve your online trust, but it will encourage more people to read and link back to your articles.

A Catchy Headline

A grabbing headline will make a user want to click on a link and read the article. We therefore recommend using eye-catching words that gather a person’s intrigue, such as “shocking” or “free”. Also, think about the type of content you want to write, which should form part of the article, such as “how to…” or “Top 5…”. Consult an experienced SEO company to help you create compelling headlines and articles.

Provide Answers to Their Questions

Many people turn to Google to find the answers to their questions. You must therefore strive to answer users’ questions with well-written, insightful content. It’s also wise to make each article easy to scan, so people can find the answers to their questions quickly. Start the article by posing a question and aim to provide all the answers to that question throughout the body.

Cite Your Sources

The last thing you will want is to write an article with inaccurate facts, which could damage your brand’s reputation. Every article reflects your company, so you must cite all your sources if you use third-party statistics. Accurate statistics will promote trust with your readers, so they will view your brand as a thought leader within the industry, so are more likely to read your articles time and again.

However, only ever link to trusted, authoritative websites, which will boost your brand’s credibility. Also, backing up your facts with trusted sources will add more substance to your articles, which could lead to more people both reading and sharing your helpful content.

Create Thought-Provoking Content

Want to engage with your audience? Write engaging content. It’s that simple. The best way to do so is by writing thought-provoking articles that not only answer questions, but make readers reflect on their new-found knowledge. Try to write content that leaves readers with questions – and write additional posts to answer those questions, which can reduce your bounce rate.

Remember, people love to read stories, so use an anecdote in your article to help clarify a point. Not only will it create a more thought-provoking article, but it will confirm your experience in the industry. Don’t forget to welcome any questions your readers might have in the comment section, which will continually refresh the blog in the search engines.

Do you have any helpful tips for writing a great article? Please leave a comment below.

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