The 4 Huge Benefits of Blogging for Your Small Business

One of the common questions asked by small business owners looking to make a name for themselves online: Why is blogging important and what are the benefits? The reason why many small businesses ask that question is simple. Blogging is time-consuming and it’s hard to create high-quality content on a regular basis. Therefore, small businesses could very much do without the headache. However, blogging really is the difference in small businesses being able to compete with the bigger fish, and here are some of the benefits and why it’s so important.

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1.      Increase Organic Traffic

If your website has next to no content, the search engines aren’t going to value your efforts very highly in the results. This will, in turn, have an impact on organic traffic and you may even find that converting sales via your website is a tough ask. Blogging will help you create high-quality content that the search engines and their surfers can benefit from. It will help increase your keyword targeting efforts but ultimately, it will give you organic traffic that is much easier to convert.

2.      Blogging Paints Your Business in a Human Light

Customers don’t want to have a relationship with a business that only sees them as a number, they want a relationship with a business that has human appeal. If you don’t blog, you’re not going to be able to give your audience a taste of your personality. Ultimately, blogging can help paint your business in a human light and it’ll be much easier for you to build long lasting relationships. Law firm, Katzner Law Group, provides a good example of how a good blog and website can work well together.

3.      Maintain your Social Media Following

You could just post a load of useless content on your social media accounts and hope it helps engage with your customers. However, many businesses rely on high-quality content to boost their social media following. Where do they get that from? They usually get that from their own blogging efforts. By sharing your blog content on your social media platforms, you’re going to find it much easier to engage with audiences, and that could help promote your business further in the search engines.

4.      Build Leads

A website/blog with only 50 pages of content only generates few leads that may not come to anything. But, a website with 500 pages of content can generate up to 6 times the amount of leads. The more you create content the higher level of leads you’re guaranteed to get. Content helps build inbound links and it also helps target longtail keywords in the search engines that you’re probably unaware of. These are all things that can help build leads, convert customers and improve the presence of a website in the search engines.

The benefits of blogging for a small business are practically endless. Granted, it’s sometimes a tough pill to swallow and it can take plenty of time to get to a level where your blog can be competitive in the search engines. However, if you’re looking to take your small business to new heights by marketing online, blogging will help you do exactly that.

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