I was inspired very much by 3 recent things that I’ve read: David’s passionate post about why he doesn’t like corporate America, Nate Whitehill’s What are Your Goals? post, and a paragraph in the book The Science of Success: How to Attract Prosperity and Create Harmonic Wealth Through Proven Principles that talked about creating goals and working toward a purpose that is larger than yourself.

The combination of reading all of these things within a one week span of time got me thinking about the why behind the Create Business Growth blog. Why are we passionate about blogging for small businesses and entrepreneurs as opposed to say, woodworking or camera equipment? How does reaching out to small businesses play into our ultimate life goals?

Behind the scenes we are all downright passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and small businesses and each for our own separate, but similar reasons. We are all online business growth strategists, each responsible in our own way for taking scores of sites to the front page of the search engines, driving targeted traffic through numerous avenues, improving conversions, and most of all delivering a high ROI for our clients.

But then we began to ask ourselves- how can we impact more people and how does this tie into our ultimate lifetime goals? On our deathbed, if we were to look back and think- I got x number of websites to on page #1 of Google, would we be satisfied with that? The answer was, not entirely and the manifestation of that realization is this blog.

Possibilities – Christine

My personal lifetime goal is to travel around the world, showing those with an entrepreneurial spirit but few resources how to enjoy life and create wealth by leveraging the vast potential of the internet. I did it myself. At one point I worked my way up from nothing to living in Beverly Hills to being homeless and living in a tent on the beach for 6 months. I know how difficult it can be to have a burning desire to succeed at something and virtually no resources to make it happen. But it can with the right way of thinking and by taking action. Now I live a comfortable life and I’m doing exactly what I love.

Taking Action – David

David’s passion is to help that person who has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, but is stuck in the doldrums of the corporate 9-5 and needs that push to take action. He did it himself, leaving behind a 6 figure income to manifest his own destiny. David is all about action. He tells 1,000+ people per year in 60+ workshops, “you can either walk away with what you’ve learned here and take action, or you can do nothing and come back in a year to hear me speak again.”

Defying preconceived barriers to success – Fred

Fred has a passion to show people that they don’t need to restrict their actions because of preconceived notions. He always wanted to start a business, but then like a lot of people, let himself get lulled into the easiness of working for someone else until he was laid off from a big software company and made the choice to forge his own path. Though he admits to having corporate security blanket withdrawal in the beginning, he wouldn’t take his old job back now. He found that in reality, “it doesn’t take a tremendous amount more energy to do something that is going to change things for you than it does working for someone else.

What about you? What are the reasons behind why you do what you do?

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