Tips and Ideas for Consistent Blogging


Blog at least three times per week.

That’s it!  Your posts can be about whatever you want, you can split it up between as many blogs as you own,  and you can blog more often if you want to.  The idea is to improve your blog by creating the number one thing that can help it be more successful than ANY other social media or marketing tactic out there – CONTENT!  You will be creating meaningful content targeted to YOUR specific audience, and discussing the topics that are relevant for the people you want to find your blog.  You can spend these next 23(ish) days making timeless articles that will have people coming back to your blog long after the challenge is over.

So here are a few tips that will help you when you’re trying to build your blog, and post content on a consistent basis.

1.  It’s time to get chummy with your audience.

Whether you just started blogging, or have been at it for years – profiling your target audience can help you  form more meaningful online relationships.  Forming relationships with your readers is the most important part of your online presence, and will impact your success more than numbers will.  Once you’ve decided who you’re talking to, you can understand what solutions you might be able to provide them.

Are they work from home moms?  Or business professionals?  When are they most likely to read your blog?  Is your feed delivery scheduled properly to land in their inbox at the optimum time?  Do you readers use Facebook or Twitter more often? Are you sharing on that platform too?  Consider this and more when re-vamping your blogging strategy!

2.   Be ready when inspiration strikes.

Bring your phone, a notepad, a tablet, a napkin…anything that will allow you to write down post ideas as you get them.  I always have my iPhone with me, so when I’m out and about waiting in line, at the doctor’s office, or even in the middle of the night – I open up my notepad and jot it down.  I have over 260 blog post ideas ready to go when I need them!

3.  Have a plan.

Take those ideas, and form a blogging plan.  Use our free blog post planner, or open up a spreadsheet.  However you do it, it’s much easier to visualize where you blog is headed when you plan it out a few weeks!

4.  Make it visual.

There’s no gray area here.  Every blog post should include at least ONE image.  Pinterest gives us further reason to make these images outstanding!  Make a collage, take a picture, BUY a picture – the more visual, the better.  A few tips for photos:

  • Re-size the file before uploading it to your post.  (I like for editing and re-sizing.)  By default, many images are far too large for the web.  When your post editor re-sizes the image – it only visually re-sizes it, leaving you with a huge file size gunking up your lovely blog.  Images between 500-1000 pixels are perfect!
  • Save your images with a search-engine friendly title.  Instead of IMG0056.jpg, use a name that will help people find both the image, and your blog.  Use dashes between words, as they’re read as “spaces” in search engines!  (Ex:  “caribbean-fish-tacos.jpg”)
  • Follow the rules.  Never take an image from a blog or website, and especially not a search engine.  There’s a period after that sentence because even with proper attribution, borrowing images can get messy.  Every website has their own policies, so the ideal solution is to take your own pictures, create your own images, or purchase royalty-free images!

5.  Make it sharable.

With one click, users should be able to easily share your content on all social media platforms.  There are dozens of plugins offered for self-hosted WordPress sites, and other platforms usually include a sharing option by default or as a setting you can enable.  This site uses Jetpack, but Sharaholic is a great one too!

Speaking of sharing, here’s a handy little graphic that’s perfectly pin-able!


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