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Useful SEO tactics for WordPress sites


A visually appealing website integrated with high-end features is of no use if it is not optimized for search engine rankings. Giant search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo is not bothered about how your website design and visually appealing images that you add. Search engines bother more about quality content, alt tags, keywords, file names and so more. Be it WordPress, Blogspot, Wix or SquareSpace, different SEO tactics are used for each of these platforms to rank higher in the search engine results. SEO can be considered as the buzzword of the online world. A SEO-friendly website has higher chances of ranking in the search engine results and also drive traffic to your site.

Choose the right host

The very first step towards ensuring that your site loads first is the speed. If your site is not loading fast, you can always contact your host and ask them why the site is performing slow on the server. Do not choose a host just based on the recommendations. Go for trusted names where speed is never compromised. One of the great places to look for a new host is WebHosting Talk. The members are very helpful and can guide you on choosing a web host.

Change the default permalink structure

The URLs of the website pages and posts are known as Permalinks. Permalinks are nothing but the what the users use in their address bars to reach your website and other relevant pages. These are also used by other search engines and other website to link to your website. WordPress usually comes with a default permalink settings which you can change as per convenience and needs. It is advised to change the default setting to post name i.e. /%postname%/, because it is easy to remember by the users and simple to index by the search engines.

Go for a sitemap for your website

It is very important to tell your website structure to Google, as your website contains hundreds of pages and it is important to get your website indexed by Google. WordPress provides a useful plugin called Google XML Sitemaps which automatically generates a sitemap of your website and also help the search engines to index your site better. Click Consult is one such trusted agency offering SEO services to clients. Expertise, years of experience coupled with bespoke technologies is what they follow for each SEO project that they take up. For SEO services for your website or your blog (#SEOYourBlog), it is very important to take the help of right SEO service providers.

Use SEO plugins

WordPress makes use of SEO plugins Yoast SEO, All in One SEO plugin and others to take care of your website and also encourage in adding meta title, meta description, meta keywords and more. These type of plugins offer complete SEO solution which is available for WordPress. The plugins are used to enhance your website’s on page SEO by displaying a Google Search Result Snippet preview. SEO plugins covers your entire website by adding meta details to page content analysis.

You also need to go for SEO keyword optimization process by targeting the most popular keywords. By using appropriate keywords in title tag, using target keywords in content, optimizing keywords in website and including keyword optimization in link building to touch every aspect of your website’s SEO marketing efforts. Also, changing the meta description and optimizing keywords on the images is an integral part of website SEO tactics for higher rankings.

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