What Erik Karey’s Blog and the #1 Way to Boost Your Worth to Clients Have in Common

palm-pilotErik Karey has come up with a great idea and incentive for others to review his blog. We all know that people are paying big bucks through sources like Review Me to have their blog reviewed, but Erik has come up with a more exciting and more cost effective way to get reviews and links from other bloggers. In exchange for a 100 word review, all who review his blog have a chance to win a Palm Pilot Z22 Handheld (valued at $100+). Great marketing Erik!

We’re all about full disclosure here at Create Business Growth so I’m not afraid to mention that this post was definitely inspired by Erik’s contest. I’m not the type to write posts just for the sake of winning something, but not only do I absolutely want to win that Palm (which I’ve had my eye on for quite some time), I felt that there were several reasons why it was important to give mention to his blog and tie the mention into another topic of major importance to small business owners boosting your worth through stellar communication.

The #1 Way to Boost Your Worth to Clients

There are probably plenty of other people offering a similar type of service or product as yours, so what makes your worth more? What I have found over the years of working as a freelancer and working with freelancers is that you can not underestimate the value of communication in a client relationship. People are willing to pay more for your services, continue to use your services, and more likely to pay you on time if your style of communication is to respond as quickly and thoughtfully as possible. I can’t overstress the value of this enough.

In an earlier post, Jennifer Rai talked about how being an emailaholic can impede your productivity. While Jennifer offers some fantastic advice, I’m offering the flip side of the issue. I am a self admitted emailaholic and, while responding to emails immediately can cause what I’m doing at the moment to take longer, I’ve found that it only works to my benefit. You would have to respond to them anyway why not do so immediately?

If you’re an email procrastinator, try responding to your inquiries immediately for a week and see what a difference this can make. If you can’t answer the question or fill the request immediately, send a quick response letting them know that you received the message and that you’ll be working on a solution.

Your clients appreciate it when they feel as if what they have to say is important enough to receive a quick response. Which leads me to the reason we should all want to win this Palm Erik has so intelligently offered as an incentive to review his.

A review of Erik Karey’s blog: Internet Entrepreneur; A blog following a young internet entrepreneur on his journey to wealth

As I mentioned earlier, I wouldn’t just write a review for the sake of winning something. Our goal is to provide you with the most valuable information about ways to grow your business and I feel that the information Erik shares on his blog most certainly falls into that category.

Erik is an internet entrepreneur that offers solid advice for small business owners and entrepreneurs about ways to make money online. The blog’s mission is very much in line with what we are offering here: actionable information to help people grow their businesses on a budget by leveraging the power of the internet.

What I like most about Erik’s blog (aside from the very in-depth information) is his level of transparency. He is currently posting a weekly earnings report that will be very enlightening to anyone who is wondering how to monetize their blog and what to expect from doing so. Erik has shown the exact steps he has taken to increase his blogs earnings from $17.42 in week one to $286.92 in week 5.

Another aspect of Erik’s blog that I find valuable is that his posts are actionable meaning that you could read it and immediately take what you have learned and take action to improve your results.

I’ve subscribed to Erik’s blog and hope that you will also find some interesting information here that will help you to grow your business and revenues.

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