Why Online Reviews Matter and How to Manage them

online review

For consumers and businesses, online reviews are of vital importance. Customers like them because it helps them make an informed choice in terms of the things they decide to buy. For businesses, positive online reviews help them build their customer database. Customers seem to look for reviews more and more often in order to see what other people have experienced in using the product or service. If the reviews are positive, they will be more inclined to make a purchase. It is believe that around 83% of people now use online reviews to decide whether or not to make a purchase.

This tells us that online review management is important because:

  • Those businesses that have a lot of positive reviews tend to get the most customers.
  • Those businesses that only have a few positive reviews or negative reviews are completely overlooked.

Some Things to Ask Yourself

If you want to buy something online yourself, do you read reviews yourself? And if you do, do you find yourself favoring those businesses that have positive reviews? You probably do, because deep down inside, you may be unique, but you are more like others than you like to think.

A fact of life is that people really like reviews and that they trust them enough to decide whether or not to buy something. People want to feel that they make informed choices. So, if you can tell others that your products are great in a genuine way, you will be on a real winner. Plus, as an added benefit, more positive reviews increases your search engine rankings as well.

The big question, of course, becomes, how do you get online reviews? This is just one of the main tactics of building a solid online reputation.

How to Get Reviews

There are a few ways to get positive reviews. Two tools are vitally important:

  1. Have a product that is worthy of a positive review.
  2. Ask your customers to leave a positive review.

It really is that simple. It does take a little bit of effort, naturally. You have to develop a good quality product and market it to the world. You have to make sure that people can find it, even before you start getting reviews. You also have to have customer service policies in place so that you can answer questions if need be.

Asking for reviews is slightly easier. If someone has already purchased your product, sending them a personalized email to ask them to review it will go a long way immediately. In fact, it will even encourage them to be more positive, because it will make them feel like you care about them as a person.

Alternatively, you could select a few choice people and send them your product for free or at a significantly reduced price in return for their honest review. Do make sure that it is a quid pro quo situation, in which a review will be expected.

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