Why You Should Hire a Website Broker?


Website broker is like a real estate agent and their job is to help you to sell your website property at the highest price possible. You should hire a website broker if you are facing difficulties in selling your website at your preferred asking price. Nowadays, it is hard to get a bid on your website even if you list it on a popular website marketplace like Flippa and highlight the listing to make it featured.

The website broker has years of experiences in selling websites and they know what to do to get your website sold at your asking price. They have a unique strategy to getting prospective buyers to make offer on your sites. The website broker is able to help you sell the website at a price that is 2 – 3 times higher than the amount that people would normally bid.

The broker is knowledgeable in appraising your website based on the information you provide. Examples of information you need to provide the broker for performing the site valuation are the revenue of the site, the amount of traffic the website generate, the trends in the industry, and how much growth potential the website has. They can tell you what your website is worth and come up with a realistic asking price for the website.  Get more details at websiteproperties.com.

When you first approach a broker, the broker will explain the process of selling a website to you. You should ask the broker questions to determine whether he is broker you should choose since you will be working with him for a least a few months.

If you decide to hire the broker, the broker will proceed to understand your online business so that he can write a persuasive presentation of your website. This will attract a lot of prospective buyers to your site that is on sale and they will contact the broker to make offer. The presentation document will include a number of information such as website name, site performance and how the business model work.

The prospective buyers will view this document in the website listing. The buyer who are interested in buying the site will have to sign a letter of intent (LOI). The final buyer with the highest offer will sign a contract before the website is fully transferred to him.

The average time it takes for a website broker to sell a website is about 2 months. The broker will have to go back and forth with the prospective buyers until the sales is finalized. Sometimes, it can take longer to sell the website if the prospective buyer require financial documents like tax returns.

The website broker understand all the legal procedures involved in selling a website. They will be preparing the legal documents for the transferring of your website to the buyer. Some of the paperwork that they will prepare are letters of intent, and sales finalization.

Website broker earns on a commission basis and they will only get a commission once the website is sold. The commission is about 10% of the amount the website is sold for. Apart from the commission, there will not be any other fees. You should get a broker to help you sell a large website if your website is worth at least $50,000. This means that your site should be bringing in an income of at least $2,500 per month.

Using a broker to sell your website can help you to achieve sales of the website in a shorter time frame. This is because the website broker have access to a network of prospective buyers. They know which classified sites to list your sites. They also have a list of investment firms that may be interested in buying your site. If you try to find some potential buyers, you will probably take a long time. By hiring a broker, you can have a peace of mind that the negotiation of the website sale will go smoothly.

You can withdraw from the agreement if the broker is not able to sell your website after a long time. The broker will usually offer a 30 day clause which means that you can cancel the agreement if you are satisfied within a 30 days period.

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