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9 Promotional Gifts That Help With the Sizzle of Summer


Summer is the time for outdoor adventure, and every business would love to have its name and logo associated with cherished warm-weather memories. That’s why promotional items that can be enjoyed on a beach or camping outing are so perfect for boosting brand recognition and spreading goodwill. Check out this list of fun branded items you can share with current and prospective customers.

Colorful Custom Coolers

For safety and enjoyment purposes, no one should head out for summertime fun without cold beverages on hand. Whether they are packed with beer, water, juice or ice, colorful soft-sided coolers with your company logo on the side will set any outing up for success.

Fabulous Footwear

Foam flip-flops are a must-have for a walk on the beach or casual hike around the campground. You can choose to have your business name printed on the sole or decided to get your logo included on the straps for maximum visibility. People never know when they will need an extra pair of shoes, so make sure you are the company coming to their rescue when they need emergency assistance.

Beach Ball Bonanza

People of all ages love to bounce a beach ball back and forth to each other, whether they are playing with a net or just going freestyle. Make a fresh impression on the players each time your business name comes floating back their direction. Ball designs include classic stripes, solid bright colors and fun translucent.

Summertime Safety Kit

Accidents happen year-round, and your company can lend a helping hand by providing bandages or antibiotic cream from a travel-sized first-aid kit. It can also be packed with a bee-sting reliever, aloe gel for sunburns or packets of sunscreen.

Terrific Towels

Beach towels are great for spreading brand recognition. They are bright, they are large and, when they feature a fun design, they are great for grabbing attention. High-quality towels may be used for years on end, making your bang for your advertising buck even bigger. Plus, people then to take beach towels with them everywhere, so the potential for brand exposure is even larger.

Handy Sunscreen

Sunscreen is just one of those things that people tend to forget to add to their beach bag. You can solve that problem by offering a high-SPF sunscreen that gets added functionality when it is attached to a caribiner clip. The tube can be quickly attached to the strap of a tote bag so that it never will be forgotten again. Make sure the company logo is printed on both sides, so it will be visible at all times.

Holla for Headgear

There is a huge range of options when it comes to headgear to shade your customers’ eyes from the summer sun. Choose from baseball caps, visors, straw hats or floppy canvas hats depending on your company ethos (for example visors if your target audience is golfers) and budget.

Sun Glasses

Although many consumers spend big money on high-end sunglasses that are more about fashion than eye protection, there will always be emergencies when they realize they left their spendy lenses at home or don’t want to risk them getting scratched in the sand. That’s when your inexpensive, plastic and branded sunglasses will be what they reach for.

Sand Castle Kit

If your ideal customer is a parent or a child, you can’t go wrong with a sand-toy kit emblazoned with your company’s logo. With a budget, a shovel and a small sand rake, a castle worthy of a princess could be on the horizon. And your company will be the one that made it all possible.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be involved in summer festivities. Choose great promotional gifts that will foster a warm feeling about your business brand.

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