9 sure-fire ways to brand your small business

brand your small business

Branding is the most important part of a business, irrespective of the size. Whether you deal in growth in projects like the property in Delhi or selling web designs, branding is must. You may have noticed that often big brand names look more like a small firm in terms of appeal to the customers who prefer to support independent brands.

Branding is the way to define your business to yourself as well as your employees and your customers. It can be considered as the business identity. But it should embody the business and its values from the core instead of how the business looks and sounds. With a strategically defined brand, you can let your prospects start loving your products or services. It can lead to higher bottom line, better brand differentiation and loyalty.

Here are top 10 tips on how you can implement the goodness of branding in your business.

  1. Customer first – Identify your customers and their thinking. You also need to recognize the factors which let them want your products or services. Now you need to match your business service their needs.
  2. Identity – The brand identity is the key element of how your customers look at your business. The identity must be consistent to reinforce your brand’s value continuously. This would aid your customers to make proper decision to buy from you, not from your competitors.
  3. Simplicity – Keep the name and strapline simple, short and constant. Once selected, use the same company name and strapline in all possible means of communication for brand association and recognition even in future.
  4. Positioning – Your way of positioning yourself and your business in the industry will determine how the prospects think about your brand in comparison to your competitors. Check whether your price lead-wise or quality-wise. Whatever path you chose, that must be reflected in all marketing copies, materials and images.
  5. Staff involvement – Are your staffs the best ambassadors or biggest weakness? How you engage your employees in the process of branding would determine how much they would help you reinforce your brand. Keep the staffs updated and motivate them to involve in branding process to ensure a united front for your company. A cohesive team of staffs appears to be very professional and dependable to the prospects.
  6. Branding plan – Thoughtful management of the brand on a regular basis will determine whether the brand will remain strong and unaffected by any influences. Create a proper branding plan that maintains brand values ensure if any change has been made in line with the brand value.
  7. Stability – A lucid set of guidelines makes sure that everybody can apply your brand continuously. It is very important that your prospects develop a familiarity with your brand.
  8. Media engagement – Be watchful that your brand guidelines are maintained across different media like radio, TV, newspapers, websites, social media and emails. Color, size and position of logo as well as proper use of all of them must be ensured always.
  9. Review – Check whether every occurrence of incorrect branding are handled promptly whenever they arise. Also correct guidelines should be understood even for the future. Nipping these issues in the bud would help you avoid future damage.

These are a few of many branding strategies. For better result you may seek professional help.

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