Having a high-quality storefront sign is something that has been at the heart of business in the Americas since its inception. The term “hanging out your shingle” harkens back to a time when doctors, lawyers, and other professionals would hang a tile or a shingle from the roof in front of their homes. On that shingle they would put their name and the services that they offered. This would allow anyone who passed by to know that they were open for business and let them know the type of business they performed. Nowadays, storefront signs are a lot more elaborate than a simple shingle with writing on it. Many storefront signs include logos, lighting, and specially designed fonts that serve the purpose of attracting people to the business. Any new business owner looking to design a custom storefront sign should take a few things into consideration when making design decisions.


Before selecting a sign, it is a good idea to sit down with the city planning office and make sure that there are not any restrictions for signage in the business’s location. There are certain cities, such as Mesa, Arizona, that have very strict signage laws. When a person drives through Mesa for example, they are often surprised to see that even the iconic golden arches of McDonald’s has been changed to fit the city’s signage restrictions.

Some of the restrictions that cities have include the size of the sign that is allowed, use of illumination, and the amount of information that can be included on a sign. Once a business owner is armed with zoning restrictions, they can then begin the design process for the storefront sign. Many business owners have found it beneficial to speak with professional sign designers, such as those who work with Priority Sign for example, to see how their ideas work with the materials and tools that are currently available for designing corporate signage.


It can be tempting for a business owner to want to design a sign that conveys a bunch of different concepts at the same time. Something that business owners must remember is that the purpose of a sign is to make a positive first impression. If a sign is cluttered or if it is confusing, a potential customer may walk away from the sign having no idea what the business does.

A good storefront sign is going to clearly convey the name of the business as well as its purpose in a way that will capture a customer’s attention and serve as a good representation of the brand. It is a powerful tool that can attract positive attention and clients to a business.

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