How to Use Graphic Design to Bring in Customers

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While a good first impression is critical to winning over a client, it is graphic design that promotes your brand and your products almost everywhere they are used. Let’s see how you can use graphic design to bring in customers.

Standing Out in a Crowd

Graphic design can help your products stand out on the shelf, your employees in a crowd, and your store on a street littered with signs. It is your unique identifier in a crowded world. You’ll be able to distinguish yourself from more established brands at relatively little cost.

If you use a bold, distinctive logo on your app, it will be easier for scanning searchers to find. If you don’t already have a logo like this, you could contact a graphic design company like who are specialists in the sector. After you create it, work with marketing experts to display it where it will build brand awareness and increase recognition and sales of your products.

Communicate Even When They Don’t Read Your Content

Your logo should convey your company’s brand or intended image. It will do so whether or not consumers read your content marketing pieces or the bullet points on the packaging. The key to success, though, is that the logo evokes the emotions and associations you want it to create. For example, an eco-friendly brand may have trees, plants or an overall green colour scheme to convey this concept.

Be careful to design packaging that doesn’t violate this colour scheme or alter the appearance of your logo when added to the package. Another factor to consider is the placement of the logo on the packaging so that legal disclaimers or warnings to keep an item away from children don’t end up negating the positive appeal of the logo. You also need to be careful of companion marketing, where two logos next to each other may create hilarious results that undermine your brand image.

Another trick is creating shareable images like infographics and using your brand logo as part of the image. People who see the graphics will spend a long time reading it or puzzling it out and learn more about the topic and your company as a result. If you can create attractive shareable images that include branding, you could win on sites like Instagram.

Brand Awareness at Every Interaction

Whether it is putting your company logo on your products or your company social media profiles, a vibrant and memorable logo builds brand awareness at every interaction. It is a visual cue that reinforces the association between you and the customer. It is also subtle reinforcement of the relationship, whether someone is writing on a branded notepad you provided as a freebie or looking at an employee’s business card. If your logo is on your coupons, it will remind people that you provided them such a freebie, whether or not they use it while simultaneously helping them find it in their coupon stack.

Remember that people may not remember the company name or individual product names, but still recognise the logo on the shelf and choose to buy it over unfamiliar brands. For this reason, your logo should be on everything you potentially put in front of customers and on multiple sides of all product packaging.

Well-designed logos let your product stand out in the crowd. They allow you to build brand awareness everywhere you use them. They should be used to communicate key points and evoke the desired emotions in all who see them. By following the tips in this article, you should be able to increase your customer base while building a solid brand image.

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