10 Low Cost Ways to Promote Your Web Business

Why do you use a certain brand of detergent, perfume or toothpaste? Is it the
ad you saw on the TV, the billboard, the coupons, the store flyer, the sample,
the attractive packaging, the magazine ad or the radio ad? You likely buy it for
a variety of reasons. Promotion and advertising all adds together to make an
impression that ultimately causes a purchase.

Promote_You_ Web_Business

Of course, in the end, you will not use a product that does not work (or add
value). And the most powerful selling tool is having a friend tell you to try
something. And like all products, once you get a customer to go to your site,
you need to add value. Perhaps humor, be interesting, help them make or save
money or help them learn. Add value to their life. So make sure your site
delivers, or no amount of marketing will work.

We can learn from

experienced marketers
and apply the same holistic approach to marketing our
blogs and websites. Here are my 10 low cost ways to promote your web business:

  1. Market to customers at any appropriate opportunity.
    This is a balance. If you buy spam lists and interrupt people with
    telemarketing when they are sitting down to dinner, this will fail. But
    always “softly market”.
  2. Offer a bonus. For example, I have offered people a
    free whitepaper on “22 powerful time tips” if they sign up to receive my

    time management blog
    by email.
  3. Put your web address in your email signature file. For
    example, my email sig file is: Jim Estill, CEO| SYNNEX Canada Ltd. (NYSE:
    SNX) |Tel: (519) 780-6213; Private Fax: (519)837-1479 | 107 Woodlawn Rd. W,
    Guelph ON N1H 1B4| Check out my blog http://www.jimestill.com/ or simply
    reply with “subscribe” in the subject line and you will be subscribed.
  4. Make sure your web address is on your cards,
    letterhead, checks, flyers, boxes, envelopes, etc. Never go to the printer
    without making sure your web address is printed. It costs nothing more to
    add it.
  5. Offer an email newsletter. This can add value and keep
    in touch with people.
  6. Write articles or

    guest blog
    on other peoples’ web sites or use some of the free
    article sites like


    to submit articles.
  7. Add your website to any signage on your trucks, cars,
    building, etc.
  8. Add your site to your phone music on hold, your
    voicemails and your reception answering.
  9. Do contests and promotions on your site. Prizes can be
    a great way to draw crowds.
  10. Most important: add value. If you do, people will tell
    other people which is the most powerful marketing of all.

Take an integrated approach to marketing.

Follow the professionals
. They know what works.

About Jim Estill: Jim started a computer distribution
company, EMJ Data from the trunk of his car in 1979. With a great team, he built
the company up to $350,000,000 in sales and sold it to SYNNEX in September of
2004. Now, he is the CEO of SYNNEX Canada, selling approximately $2 billion in
computer products.

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