58 North Carolina Community College Small Business Centers

fish-jumpingAre you jumping around trying to find great Small Business resources? Are you aware of a great small business resource in the North Carolina Community College System? It’s called the Small Business Center and you can find one in each of the 58 N.C. Community Colleges. If you are not in North Carolina, does your Community College System have a similar service? It’s worth checking into because of the great services available.

All 58 of the locations in North Carolina offer FREE or LOW COST workshops throughout the year that are an incredible value for Small Business Owner’s or those wanting to start a Small Business. In addition, each center has a Director who will consult with Small Business Owner’s or those wanting to start a Small Business and provide sound advice on appropriate steps to take toward success in the Small Business World. This is a North Carolina Resource that anyone interested in Small Business should tap into. If you are not in N.C., you should check with your local Community College to see if you have a resource like this readily available for you as well.

Posted by David: David Williams has been a Small Business Speaker since January 2000 and continues to travel from the coast of North Carolina to the mountains conducting Internet based workshops.  Create Business Growth is dedicated to helping Small Business Owner’s grow their business online and off.

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