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Emotional intelligence (EQ) is your ability to understand and manage your emotions and theemotions of others. It is comprised of four skills: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

Why EQ is important?

Popularized by Dan Goleman Emotional Intelligence can have a profound effect on your relationships and success in the workplace. In fact, emotional intelligence accounts for 58% of performance in all types of jobs and is the single largest predictor of workplace performance.

Emotional intelligence is such an important skills not only because is emotional intelligence such a strong predictor of performance, but also because it can be improved. Unlike IQ, EQ skills can be learned so those with low EQ scores have the opportunity to improve and reach the level of their colleagues with high EQ.

So, what’s next?

For people low in EQ, simply practicing EQ strategies on a daily basis will raise their score and consequently improve their performance in the workplace. Industry experts recommend practicing strategies in each of the four EQ skills.

The four emotional intelligence skills are:

  • Self-Awareness: Your ability to recognize and understand your own emotions.
  • Emotional Management: Your ability to use your self-awareness to manage your behavior.
  • Empathy: Your ability to recognize and understand the emotions of others.
  • Emotional Connection: Your ability to understand and manage your own emotions while using your social awareness to understand the other person’s perspective and deciding how to best respond to benefit the relationship.

To get started, experts suggest taking the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal to see what are the strengths and weaknesses of your EQ. Then, pick one EQ skill to practice first and start practicing the strategies from any best-selling book on Emotional Intelligence.

Tips to Enhance Emotional Intelligence

You must first identify the positive and negative emotions that rule your behavior. This process on self-awareness requires hard work from your end and daily you must analyze the emotions, only then can you formulate concrete strategies to make progress.

Upon identifying the two emotions, you must compare the reactions. Make sure that every time you feel negativity in life remembers the good times. Doing so would allow you to stay focused and re-build your confidence and mind-set.

Reflect on your life, examine your life, and understand what you could have done better to improve your situation, or if is the right time to call it quits. Analyze if you could have worked on a project in a different way and gained success than you are currently doing.

When you deeply examine yourself, you would identify the positives and negatives and align your goals in a better way. This would lead to improved productivity and definitely success.

If you hold regular discussions with performers in your team, you would realize what makes them successful. However, their strategy may not bring you success at work, but it certainly gives you a cue on how to re-align your approach on work.

You may also want to participate in role-plays that would allow you to deal with the stressful situations at work and improve your problem solving capacity.

With these tips in mind you can enhance your efficiency and climb the ladder of success gradually.

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