Distribute Board Books and Meeting Agendas with Ease

Board books are often the driving force behind management’s deadlines for reports and memos. They quickly become unmanageable in size and directors struggle to wade through hundreds of pages of documents. Smart companies are rethinking their books and creating better quarterly reports by carefully selecting information and designing formats with better visuals. Board portal software is often the first step in creating better, easier-to-read quarterly books and efficient governance.

Meeting Agendas

Directors use board management software to work on documents between meetings, whether it’s for their eyes only or to work collaboratively with their colleagues on discussion materials. Directors have some of their most important ideas in one-on-one collaborations between meetings. Now they can pass annotations back and forth in real time remotely. When they’re done, instead of springing their ideas on the rest of the group at the next meeting, board management software updates everyone before the meeting. The same principal applies to administrators faced with sudden agenda changes. Directors are flying in from across the country for their quarterly meeting, when suddenly there’s an urgent change to the agenda. Administrators can painlessly distribute the agenda update through the portal, which instantly notifies the recipients.

Updated and informed directors are better prepared to make strategic decisions at meetings. They rely on well-organized, instantly updated books to spend more time steering their company towards its vision and values. To help inform some of their decisions board management software compiles organization bylaws or policies, relevant municipal, state/provincial, and national legislation in a way that’s quick and easy to reference. When they use portals like the one from developers at Aprio, they spend more of their time analyzing strategy and finding ways for the company to grow according to the values they have laid out. How do portals make an administrator’s job easier? You can find out everything you need to know about board management software at Aprio.net, but here are some of the functions that can reduce last-minute headaches.

  • Surveys – the ability to create integrated, confidential surveys promotes dialogue between directors to work through disagreements and reach consensus.
  • Track education requirements – find out which directors are completing their training and education requirements and which ones are falling behind schedule.
  • Expenses tracking – follow expenses and generate reports without waiting for receipts.
  • Archives – compile a central location for all bylaws, rules, policies, and minutes that members will need to access in the future.

Portals are just the beginning of creating new, more efficient books. It can be a long process that involves stakeholders and departments across the company, but there are ways to make it smoother. Before you begin, decide on a portal that you can integrate seamlessly into your organization’s workflow. Trustees get one-on-one training from software vendors Aprio, who specialize in working with crown corporations, financial institutions, and corporations like Telus International. Good governance can always be better; subscribe to a portal platform that builds client relationships through ongoing training and full time, “white glove” support.

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