Four Ways Storage can Help your Business Grow

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Business owners have a hundred and one things to think about, so looking for new or innovative ways to grow is something that often gets pushed to one side.

To many, storage is simply somewhere they put stuff, but other business owners have discovered some of the hidden ways storage can be a real boon.

Here are four of them:

  1. Eliminate Dead Office Space

Are you wasting valuable office real estate with unnecessary cabinets for document storage? If so, you’re not taking full advantage of cloud storage. Just about all paper, from customer records to financial accounts, can be moved out of the office and into the cloud.

For the records you use and need access to regularly, cloud storage is a safe and versatile way of storing what you need. Giving staff members access to cloud accounts makes the documents readily available to everyone who needs them, across multiple platforms and wherever they may be working.

For small business needs, investigate free offerings from Google, Dropbox or other cloud storage providers. For larger, more complex business needs, a subscription to Microsoft Office 365 with 1TB of OneDrive storage may be more suitable. Whatever the size of cloud storage you need, there is a provider with the right plan for you.

  1. Profit From Freed-Up Space

Having cleared floor space by eliminating unnecessary filing cabinets and cupboards, you may find you have space for an extra desk.

That extra desk could represent additional monthly income if you join the growing band of office sharers and rent it out. This practice has multiple benefits, both to the one renting out the desk and the one who’s paying for it. For the desk owner the rental income is the first advantage. A second benefit comes from the extra energy and ideas that new colleagues bring with them. There may even be the chance of collaboration that could see a surge in business growth.

  1. Downsize for Business Growth

Previously we talked about cloud storage for those records you need access to. But what about the paper records many businesses need for historical or legal requirements? Many keep these on-site, paying for large offices to accommodate banks of filing cabinets.

An alternative is to put the paper into secure self storage at a nearby facility, then reduce the office rental overhead by moving into a smaller office. Some self storage companies even offer flexible office rentals, so that could be something to investigate too.

If you’re paying less for rent, you can invest in additional advertising, more staff, or increase stock levels to boost sales.

  1. Flexible Storage for E-Commerce

Self storage is one of the storage secrets that a few e-commerce business owners have discovered. Cheap to rent, with lots of variety in the size of units available plus short rental terms often from just a week, self storage is a particularly suitable solution for e-commerce businesses.

Because the rental terms are so flexible, it’s easy to add on an extra unit to take advantage of special offers or seasonal fluctuations. The same versatility also makes it more practical to segregate different types of stock, and to build in space for packing and dispatching – doing away with the need for a separate office altogether.

Add in long opening hours, staff who will receive deliveries on your behalf when you can’t be there, and easy access for delivery vehicles, and you can see how self storage can represent real financial savings and growth opportunities to businesses. Some even offer courier services. Remember to ask when you’re investigating this option.

Far from being a bland necessity that offers no return, proper use of storage can be a surprising route to greater profitability. You just need to figure out which option would best suit your business.

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