Freelancers, Don’t Make These Mistakes!

freelancing-mistakesCBG Reader Andy Parthenopoulos has written a smart article about the mistakes he made as a beginning IT freelancer.Whether you’re in the IT industry or not, this article offers 6 solid tips for freelancers, told through Andy’s real-life dreadful experiences.

If you’re a freelancer or independent contractor, no doubt you have been through the same school of hard knocks as Andy warns others about in this article, such as not getting paid nearly enough for a project that turned out much larger than it originally seemed or taking on project with impossible deadlines.

Like Wendy Piersall’s Top 10 Blogging Mistakes I Made in My First Year post (which received so much traffic that it took down her server), Andy’s willingness to share his blunders makes this a compelling read. If you’re new to freelancing or an old pro, this is an article worth reading!

23 year old Andy is also the creator of a noble non profit project called Fill the Dams, a website designed to help raise $1M for Australia’s water crisis by purchasing liters in the site’s virtual dams.

Andy’s Damblog offers more candid discussion of the progress on Fill the Dams, including his disappointment in the fact that his recent Fill the Dams press release went largely unnoticed. I think the idea is fantastic and worthy of mention- great job Andy, thanks for taking such an active role in protecting the environment and for offering your mistakes in IT freelancing so that the rest of us may learn and prosper!

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