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How To Increase Your Profits Tenfold By Streamlining Your Departments

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The excellent leaders in your company control the workforce. It still doesn’t explain who leads them. That is where you come into the mix to get the departments working together. Worse owners have tried and succeeded, so have confidence you’re going to be a success.

It’s easy to see all the obstacles you’re facing. Sales will be focused on closing as many leads as possible. The marketing department will know when their budget is almost gone. It’s extremely oversimplified, but it all comes down to one single thing.

The Leaders In The Company Are Clueless

Every leader you hire is probably great, so they’re not clueless in a negative way. You might say they’re too good at their individual jobs, which is fine until you realize everyone must be working in unison if you’re to stand any chance to making it.

If everyone works together miracles will happen, but first we’ll need to look at some of the ways it’s possible to make this happen. Let’s assume for a moment we’re growing an internet marketing services business in Toronto, Canada. Here are areas you must show are intertwined:

  1. Market Research – Every business will have a specific market they’re targeting. The research department can help work it out. Sales and marketing will be able to capitalize on it in the ways they know how.
  2. Product Development – The thing you sell will determine the market. Sales and marketing will need to learn everything possible about it to do their jobs properly. It will need to be developed flawlessly.
  3. Company Marketing – This doesn’t just involve marketers boosting their conversation rates. Production will help the product market itself, plus all employees market for the company when they’re not at work.
  4. Sales Teams – Salespeople will only get the right leads if the corporate strategy is sufficient and marketers are great. It’s also a lot easier when you’re trying to sell a great product the market needs.
  5. Customer Service – These people handle all the dirty work, which must be done to take the burden off everyone else. When you throw in operations it will have an impact on things like product development and sales.

Hopefully you can see these are all departments you’d find in medium-sized businesses and they all blend into it. You just need to show your leaders why they must buy into it.

Targeting Important Metrics

Depending on how long you’ve been running your business, it’s possible you’ll be clueless about certain departments. It doesn’t matter because they’re paid to do the job. You should focus on one specific metric after you’ve brought the company together.

It needs to be something measurable with a money component to it. You couldn’t focus on the number of people visiting your website. You could focus on email sign ups, but only if you knew how much each one was worth. This will turn your leaders into champions.

Change Now Or Be Left Behind

A great business owner lets their leaders do all the work, but they still need to be pointed in the right direction. If you’re able to get everyone onboard with your plan and convince them to work like a streamlined team it will increase your profits tenfold.

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