Serviced Offices: Do they make Sense for your business?

Do they make Sense for your business

A recent study appears to show that businesses looking to set up new offices are increasingly looking for premises that are serviced, rather than just paying for the space in the building. It certainly seems attractive – cutting out some of the work that the business would have to do, and if there’s increasing demand, then should you be looking at a fullyserviced option the next time you expand or move to a new location?

Firstly; what do you get with a serviced office? Well, this will depend on the provider that you choose, and within that there’s also likely to be different packages and options that you can go with. In general however, a serviced office will include most of the things that aren’t intrinsic to your business and its operations. This means receptionists, client liaisons, cleaning and even IT support. It’s almost everything that you need to support your own specialised staff and do business in that location.

The cost of all of this is included within the price you pay for rent, which makes things very easy to manage. There’s also the possibility and even likelihood that having all of these integrated services as one package will mean that they are cheaper, than if you paid for them all separately.

So who are serviced offices good for?

Certainly, there are going to be businesses for which serviced offices aren’t always ideal or necessary. Larger companies who already have employees and contracts in place might not find as much use, but there’s always the benefit of being able to try out a new location for a shorter agreement without making a major commitment. Smaller companies and medium-sized enterprises are probably the companies most likely to find use here, with start-ups definitely the target. If you’re just setting up a new company, and want to concentrate on yourown offering rather than support services, then there is going to be very few cases in which it’s not a very good idea to move to serviced offices.

So there you have it – if you’re thinking about moving, or are starting out a new company, then do thoroughly consider your options. A serviced office might cost a little more than floor space (see this blog post for tips on negotiating), but it could save you money and time in the long run.

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