The United States Department of Health and Human Services has released data indicating that 28 percent of employees have high blood pressure, 29 percent suffer from cardiovascular disease, 55 percent don’t get enough daily exercise, 30 percent are at least 15 percent overweight and half suffer from high cholesterol. These are shocking statistics that explain why healthcare costs have been spiraling out of control in recent years. The impact that these figures have on the profitability of companies large and small is truly staggering. Here are some of the reasons why it is critical for employers to do their part to help their employees become healthier.

What is workplace wellness?

Fortunately, it is possible to make employees live a healthier lifestyle. It is up to the employer to change the culture of the working environment. If there are vending machines all over the place with unhealthy junk food in them, this sends a bad message to the employees that eating this type of food is okay. Workplace wellness is all about making the workplace a healthy environment. This means getting rid of the soda and junk food in the vending machines. Instead, you should replace these things with healthier food options like yogurt. While it may take a while for employees to get used to these changes, they will eventually start to realize how these foods are hurting them.

Employee education

Eliminating the junk food and replacing it with healthy food is only the first step towards total workplace wellness. Many businesses are offering programs like the one provided by Corporate Wellness Solutions (CWS). This type of program stresses the importance of regular physical exams and getting screened for potentially deadly diseases and chronic illnesses. It also tries to convince employees to stop harmful habits such as smoking. Of all the money that businesses spend on healthcare every year, 80 percent of it is related to health risks that are preventable. This loss of productivity amounts to roughly one trillion dollars each year. This is why it is so important for employers to take a proactive approach where the health of their employees is concerned.

A brighter future for your business

There are no negative aspects to making your workplace healthier. Employees will show up for work regularly. People will be happy to work for you, so your rate of turnover will decrease. Your workforce will be more enthusiastic in every aspect of their jobs.

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