Three Reasons to Offer Training with Certification to Your Technical Staff


When you work in an industry that relies on technology, you need to know you have a very competent workforce who can provide a great service, innovate, and really leverage any investments you make in tech. Attracting qualified, talented professionals is a big part of that, however there are many reasons to offer ongoing training to those you recruit. Here are three of the most powerful reasons to not only get your staff training, but for choosing training that leads to a professional certification for them:

Attracting and Retaining Staff

A good record of staff development is something sought after professionals look for. In technology, they may be concerned that without ongoing training, they will be reliant on old skills for as long as they are with a company, which may lead to them falling behind their peers. While keeping up with industry developments is a trait of good employees, there is only so much they can do without your support, so the smart ones are drawn to employers with good frameworks for internal training and development.

While some business owners are put off making investments in training on certification paths, for example CCNA, MCSA and so on, because they believe staff will stay only to get their qualifications paid for and then start looking for a new position, this really isn’t the case, even for staff at the beginning of their careers. The industry has offered little job security in recent years, so people tend to appreciate when they are with a company that actually wants to keep them and proves this by investing in them.

Certifications Help Win Business

Just as you would be more assured a potential employee with certifications was capable of doing a job, potential clients will be assured that if everyone on your team holds a certain relevant certification, they can entrust you with providing business critical services or solutions to them. When you approach new leads, having a large proportion of your staff either certified or on certification paths is an impressive thing to put on your collective ‘CV’!

Better Standards Across the Company

Your staff may all be great in their current technical abilities, but where they have picked up their skills in different ways, perhaps through other companies, from university, or from their own interests, you cannot be sure of a standardised approach to every technical thing. When all staff have had the same training, and studied for the same certification, for example CCNA training by, you can introduce some uniformity to things and allow your internal standards and processes to fit with this.

Making training a key part of your general policies as a business can have benefits in terms of the quality of your service, the morale of your team, staff retention and your ability to win lucrative deals. In general, you can get very good deals on training when you send multiple people, or you can even partner with a training company to have bespoke training delivered at your site.

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