Doesn’t it drive you nuts that a largely agreed upon inferior product like AOL managed to become for a time the biggest provider of internet service, even with a price tag higher than it’s competitors? How did they do it?

I think everyone in the entire United States and perhaps throughout the world has seen the boxes of AOL disks at the grocery store, book store, drug store, and just about every other kind of store with 4 walls. Essentially, they turned their service into a physical product, causing it to carry some sort of additional value in the mind of its consumers.

How can you turn your service into a product?

Creating packaging, discs, and plastic credit card-style cards, is relatively inexpensive today. By packaging your service, you suddenly have the potential to get it in front of more eyes, particularly those who may not know how to find your service otherwise.

Here are a few ideas:

Web Developer: A website in a box that includes a disc full of potential designs, content development templates, website marketing tutorials, and an online order request form.

Cleaning service, handyman service, tutor, personal trainer, etc: A plastic credit card style gift card the kind you see hanging in the checkout lines at the grocery store. Have some printed up in various denominations and get them into local stores. These would make great gifts or personal purchases.

Graphic Designer:A free disc with various basic design elements, tutorials for creating different types of marketing materials, color matching guides, and of course, a link to your website where customers can order custom designs.

This is an idea that’s been rolling around in my mind off and on for about 6 months now. What do you think? Would it work? How could you turn your particular service based business into a product?

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