Why Customer Service Is One Of The Most Important Aspects Of Your Business

customer service

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of your business. Worldwide, complaints regarding customer service cause customers to walk away from even the most dynamic large corporations. Major cell phone services and television network carriers use customer service complaints against other companies who are reported for poor service. There is no avoiding the fact.

Even more, your priority as a business should be to bring the best experience to your customers regardless. Without those who want your product or service, your business will struggle to succeed. It’s astounding how easily and fast you can attend to your customers. This list of six tasks you can do today alone will focus you and your team back on your customers.

Assume Needs of Your Customers

If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you already know what your customers most need. Assume future customers will need those same tasks or bits of information, and include them in what you initially offer. Including what past customers have repeatedly requested for future customers could eliminate many complaints or concerns.

Yes Is Key

Unless the request of the customer is impossible, and rarely will that be the case, train yourself and your team to say yes. No matter what your cost may be upfront, a business that says yes to their customer requests will not only get return business, but you’ll receive positive word of mouth.

Respond to Online Complaints

If you’re a small business, take the time to respond to your customers both positive and negative reviews. Potential customers looking at your business will see that you’re responsive. That will, again, result in return business and future clientele. It might take humbling to admit to the world you messed up (even if you don’t believe you did), but it will pay off.

Never Be Too Busy For the Phone

If your phone rings and you’re alerted it’s a customer or client, almost no meeting is more important that attending to that need. If you’re a super small business and simply can’t take all the calls you receive, consider outsourcing to an ecommerce call center. There are many companies who will answer calls on the spot, set-up meetings or call backs, and let your customers know someone is always ready to respond. Many of these call centers like Solid Cactus will even quote your prices to customers and take their questions about your business.

Poll, Poll, Poll

While not all customers will take the time to answer online surveys or phone surveys, some will. Even if your response rate is 3 out of 10, you’re getting to know what 30% of your customer base thinks about specifics of your business. Create the poll with your team to find out what you most want to know, and then respond to those complaints and comments.

Be Positive

On those rare occasions you have to say no, do it with a positive light. Offer something additional to your customer that might give more than what they were asking. While yes is your goal, when not possible make the situation even better.

Businesses are built upon customers and customer service. Today you can implement these six easy strategies to turn your business into a customer friendly environment.

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