3 tips to attract more customers to your business consulting or coaching

Are you stuck because they get new customers? Many women who are coaches, consultants, therapists or independent professionals are faced daily with the challenge of finding new customers. Did you know that there is a simple 3-step method that works on autopilot to fill your query without you move a finger, once you have it installed?

How can I find my next client?

Is a very common question that many women entrepreneurs who are coaches, consultants, therapists or freelancers, are made daily. The constant search for new customers easily can take the burden, especially when you’re working hard without getting many results.


However, it does not have to be!

You can create an automated system that will work for you every day, all year to fill your inquiry, which will ensure a steady flow of new customers who are ready to hire you.

How is it done?

Here is a simple 3-step method to fill your inquiry throughout the year:

1. Determine a pressing problem in your market

Identified a specific need your hot market and express it with words they would use to describe it. This last point is very necessary, because they connect with you as you are able to communicate well about the need to know supply. If necessary, prepares a brief survey of 3-5 questions that lets you know the biggest obstacles they are facing and the words they use to describe them.

2. Make a free gift and offer him with a registration form

Once we know the problem and know how to express it well, you can develop a powerful short answer, but to meet that specific need. It can be in any digital format that can be easily downloaded: written, audio or video. The important thing is not too long and goes straight to the point to solve the specific problem.

Advertise your gift, so many people sign up for your form to download it quickly. Offer your free gift in social media, through strategic partnerships, including using paid advertising. The important thing is that you run the voice, so many people will sign up to your list of followers.

As your list grows, you can keep in touch with them through weekly newsletters to add further value to their lives and help you gain credibility and trust of your new followers.

3. provides strategic sessions

Once you’ve earned this new stream of followers to your list and you’ve made contact with them through your valuable emails that have given them much valuable information, it’s time to invite some of them to talk to you personally. This is achieved by launching a campaign of emails to invite a limited number of strategic sessions with you.

Note: a strategy session is NOT a free coaching session. It is rather a session in which you speak personally with them to help them make a diagnosis of your current situation and determine what steps to take to change it.

If you see that you can assist them in achieving their goals, you can offer them your services.

And bingo! Already have a new customer!

Do you realize that with this system, you will constantly get new leads, fully automatic?

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