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3 Ways To Brand Your Fundraiser Quickly And Effectively


Whether you have a walkathon or a bake sale coming up — or you’re simply trying to get your charity off to a running start — you’ll need to get the word out about it as soon as possible. To have the most amount of reach possible and reach your fundraising goals, be sure to follow the advice below.

Fundraisers are hosted in vain ifthey’ve no visibility to draw in crowds and potential donors,or arenot marketed correctly. Here, then, are a few easy ways to avoid some of worst-case scenarios and create a certain amount of buzz surrounding your fundraising brand. Having attention before, during, and after will make a massive difference, especially if you want magazine or press coverage.

  1. Be Unique

Coming up with an image for your charity or event that screams creativity isthe crux of the work, given that Canada alone has nearly 90,000 active charities at a given moment. With so many well-known charities to look to for inspiration, try to find a niche of your own that’s unique.

Whether you’re running a marathon, a walk for a cause, or something else, one of the best ways to bring attention to the event is to create a custom t shirt for participants that will get people talking. If you reach out to businesses like Promopays.com you’ll find cost-efficient and ready-to-printlogo designs with a quick turnaround, no matter the size of your order.With a huge number of stock images, and basic design software built-in to their website, you have an additional creative outlet with which to work and express your brand.

  1. Order Promotional Merchandise And Apparel

With so many charities in the country developing memorable logos and slogans, it pays to come up with something that’s eye-catching.Find the right swag that you would want associated with your charity’s name – this includes, most importantly, clothing that can be worn in just about any context – from custom tshirts toted by runners in a race, all the way to hats or sweaters to be donned by community organizers out in the cold.

  1. Host A Memorable Event

Make sure that once your event is finished you gather all the participants and spectators together to celebrate. Whether you secure a beer sponsorship for a cold one after the race, or you head to the bar afterward,you can use the event as an opportunity to show-offyour custom hoodies or t shirst, and offer them as part of prize packages for winners or donors. Having participants wear custom made clothing with your logo on it, by offering swag bags according to the amount of funds raised, you’re getting your brand out there in a fun way.

By following these tips, you’ll be sure to stand out as an up and coming organization with a great deal of potential to make positive changes in your community. The right logo on your custom t shirts goes a long way in promoting your brand and your event.

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