4 Overlooked Secrets to Saving on a Business Hotel


Are you in the process of planning your next business trip? Are you seeking ways to save money? Are you finding it difficult to decide where to cut back and where to spend?

While there are many ways to save money when traveling, you should first turn your attention to the hotel. With the right approach in regards to your lodging, you may find it possible to save hundreds (or even thousands) on your next trip.

The first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the area you are visiting. For example, Budapest will have more business hotels than smaller cities in the European Union. So, if you’re visiting this city, you can use Expedia to find the Budapest hotel that best suits your budget and personal needs.

Of course, there’s more to saving on a business hotel than learning about the area you’re visiting. You need a detailed strategy that will allow you to get exactly what you need, all at a price that knocks you off your feet.

So, with that in mind, let’s examine four overlooked tips for saving on a business hotel:

  1. Don’t Stay Downtown

Sticking with the Budapest example, you shouldn’t hold yourself back by only considering downtown hotels.

You can visit one of the many tourism sites for the city, most of which provide detailed information on where you can stay and how to get there.

You may soon find that moving away from the city center is one of the better ways to cut your cost.

  1. Cut Back on Amenities

It goes without saying that you’ll be looking for particular amenities when booking a business hotel. It also goes without saying that more amenities typically mean a higher nightly rate.

If you can cut back on the number of amenities you require, you’ll be able to save quite a bit of money.

For example, the Prestige Hotel Budapest is one of the best in the city. It’s also one of the more expensive, thanks in large part to its many amenities.

This doesn’t mean you should sell yourself short, but you could benefit by cutting down your “must have” list.

  1. Book in Advance

While not always the case, booking in advance may allow you to save on the price of a business hotel.

As rooms become scarce, it’s not out of the question for hotels to raise their prices, making it more difficult for you to find something that fits your budget.

So, if you know you will be taking a business trip in the future, do yourself a favor and book your hotel as soon as possible. You may be the type who typically waits until the last minute, but don’t make this mistake. You could pay for it in the long run.

  1. Search for Deals Online

It’s not out of the question to find a killer deal online. This is why you should take the time to search the internet, as opposed to contacting hotels direct.

Not only are there “hotel deal” websites that allow you to compare properties and prices, but there are also coupon codes that can help you keep a few dollars in your pocket.

You may not find exactly what you’re looking for, but the ability to save money may be more than enough for you to consider a hotel that you would have otherwise overlooked.

The Experience Matters Most

While you want to book a high quality hotel at a reasonable price, don’t let this hold you back from enjoying your experience from start to finish.

There are many ways to have a good time when traveling, from meeting new people to tasting new food.

As long as your hotel isn’t a complete bust, you shouldn’t have any trouble enjoying every aspect of your experience.


These are far from the only ways to saves on a business hotel, but they are definitely among the best.

If you implement one or more of these tips, don’t be surprised if you’re able to find the perfect hotel at the perfect price. Talk about the best of both worlds!

What steps do you take to save money when traveling for business? Would you add any others to the four above? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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