4 Qualities to Avoid When Hiring an Accountant

For many small business owners and self-employed professionals, it is important to have access to a professional that can provide accounting assistance at all stages of the business process, from starting a company to selling, maximising profits to avoiding penalties. The ideal accountant is someone professional, strategic, and approachable. It’s not an easy task finding the right person for the job. If you are looking for an accountant for your small business, here are some of the things you must avoid at all costs.


  1. The “Perfect” Accountant

If you come across an accountant or accountancy firm that claims to be able to offer everything, to everyone and, even worse, claim they are perfect in every way – steer clear. Accountants should be honest about their own skills and expertise. You need someone who will work honestly on your behalf to the best of their abilities, not someone who is claiming to offer something they cannot provide simply because they want to get your money. Fortunately, central London accountants – if they are reliable and professional – will be realistic about what they and cannot provide.

  1. The Accountant that Can’t Answer Simple Business Questions

It’s obvious that an accountant will be able to handle your accounts. But the ideal accountant will also be business-savvy, and will be able to handle queries about the direction your company is heading, and offer strategic advice. Accountants today are increasingly conversant with the business world and can provide business strategy and other advice. If the accountant you are looking at cannot provide the answers to basic business questions, look elsewhere.


  1. An Accountant Who Confuses You

If you come away from a conversation with your accountant feeling lost and confused, you have the wrong person and should find someone else. Accountants should be able to converse like normal human beings, and also be able to explain tax terms and business trends with clarity, so you can understand. You don’t want to dread meeting with your accountant – avoid the person who speaks in jargon and nothing else.

  1. Someone With A Narrow Business Outlook

When looking for an accountant, avoid central London accountants who don’t want to take on the challenges of a small business, or who see being self-employed as something risky and problematic. Professional central London accountants like http://www.gsmaccountants.co.uk have an entrepreneurial business spirit and are committed with you to develop a business or idea to the max.

  1. Not a Team Player

Even if the person you hire is working solely on their own, they still need to be able to work as a team – after all, they are working with you and your employees, so they need to be able to utilise effective communication to get things done. Avoid the accountant that wants to do all the work themselves and will not delegate – you could end up with a backlog of work and problems meeting deadlines.


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