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5 Customizable Stationary Items To Boost Marketing Campaigns

Customized stationary is an important tool for any business.It creates a uniform appearance for all a business’ communications. It can also be a cheap and efficient marketing tool. The right customized stationary can make even a small company stand out in their marketplace. As the office manager for a small company, you may wonder which sorts of stationary would be most effective for marketing. Read on to discover the 5 customizable stationary items to boost marketing campaigns.


Business Cards

The most effective stationary items for you company are the business cards used by your employees. There are many reasons why business cards still matter.A business card can give your potential customer all the information they need to know about your company in a second. They are also a great place to be creative and promote your brand identity. A unique an eye-catching card will keep reminding your customer of your company as long as they have it in their pocket. Furthermore, it can communicate your company values, slogan or services.These 3.5 x 2-inch cards are the backbone of business stationary. When promoted actively, business cards will boost your marketing campaigns.

Branded Pens

Pens customized with your company’s brand are a stationary item and promotional product. These are effective marketing tools because they are practical. Both your staff and your customers always need pens. As a result,customers are more likely to keep a pen from you then any other piece of stationary. This pen will then go on to remind them on your company for months and even years. Additionally, giving branded pens to your employees builds company identity and makes your employees look professional. A customized pen will ensure that your company looks practical and useful. It is one of the easy ways to make your business stand out.


A customized mailer or card is a great way to market to returning customers. These reminders can be produced in bulk and sent by mailto your customer database. This is a nice personal touch that customers will remember. Using window envelopes, this format also gives you a lot of room for creativity. For example, consider how your company would wish people a happy holidays. You could send out mailers that display the latest holiday promotions or sales.These mailing materials could also be used to send promotional items, such as coupons or savings passes. Customized direct mailers can provide a tangible marketing tool that cannot be beat by a mass email.


If your employees regularly work side-by-side with customers, branded notepads would be a great stationary solution. Whether at a personal meeting or a larger event, branded notebooks will make your employees look more professional. A notebook is a valuable tool when employees take notes effectively. When visiting a conference, client or job site, branded notepads reinforce your company with all parties at the meeting. Your employees can use these to provide handwritten messages to customers that remain on brand. Like pens, notebooks are also a practical promotional product which will be saved and used by customers. As a result, notebooks combine practicality with a custom branding and marketing.

Custom Letterheads

The most universal stationary marketing you can employ is a custom letterhead. This letterhead can be used on all professional documents coming out of your company. It should contain your company logo, contact information and website. From correspondence to invoices, your company’s documents will be instantly recognizable from this letterhead. It allows customers to get in touch with you quickly. Moreover,the visual connection will make sure your documents stand out from the competition. Hard paper letter heads will also always format correctly, unlike the letterheads used in email marketing actions, which sometimes appear garbled. A letterhead is the closest thing your company can employ to a universal stamp to mark your companies’ materials.Certain customized stationary can do a great deal of inexpensive marketing for your company. It creates a strong sense of brand identity throughout your operational activities. Business cards immediately identify your employees and spread information. Branded pens off era practical way to spread your logo. Direct mailers provide a personal touch for your repeat customers, whether you are sending holiday greetings, the latest promotions or both. On top of that, customized notepads make your staff look more professional when visiting various customers, clients or partners. A custom letterhead will make your company’s communications easy to identify.With these stationary solutions, your company will have plenty of marketing solutions.

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