When a business starts a website, the traffic through the website is generally small and can easily be handled by any type of web host; but as the traffic to the website increases and your business grows, you need to consider carefully which type of web host you are going to use now. The choice is not huge, but it is big enough to be confusing to people. This article should help you decide which type of service is the most suitable for you.

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Self Hosting

To use this type of hosting you are going to need to buy all of the equipment first and to know how to set it up and maintain it. Problems you could face include data corruption if you have no back up, overheating if you have no cooling, and the fact that some ISPs will try to block your server. You should only use this type of hosting if you already have great knowledge of the processes involved and are happy to spend a considerable amount of money.

Dedicated Server

With this system you hire a single server from a company, giving you much more control than if it is shared. You decide on the software, security etc. And you also have the server to yourself, giving you the option of several of your own domains on your server. They are more expensive to run than other systems, but you do have complete control. This is what you want if you expect high traffic and want the highest security available.


You will need to buy your own server for this, but it is stored in a specialist facility that will provide a suitable environment for your server as well as keeping it secure. This is not an option for most people as they would still need to control their own back up services, software solutions, and care for hardware.

Shared Server

Shared hosting is perhaps the most popular type of hosting, and certainly the least expensive. Shared hosting uses a single server to host multiple websites, but as a company grows and their traffic increases, the performance of its website could be affected by the shared server. A great option until this happens, but if you are a super user, you should look at other options.

Cloud hosting

This uses multiple servers that act as a single server. There is great security in the fact that your website will never go down as it will move to a new server in the network if the one you are on goes down, and the pricing is calculated on the amount of usage. This is relatively new, but is becoming much more popular with websites and companies that have seasonal traffic and want to control their spending. It also comes with the security that your website should never go down.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Somewhere between a shared server and a dedicated server, the VPS uses one server, which it splits up to accommodate different websites. Generally sold as packages based on memory and CPU use, a VPS service is a great way to get a pseudo dedicated service at a lower price. Managed VPS services are available in the UK through Best Web Hosting who will help you decide on the package you require as your company grows, and will give you unlimited traffic on a managed system.

The kind of hosting service you use will really come down to the amount of money you want to spend, the amount of traffic you anticipate, and when and how much control (if any) you want.

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