Building a Better Business Infrastructure: Key Factors for Choosing a Network Cabling Installer


At this point in time, network cable installation is a key ingredient in making your business run smoothly. Businesses are expected to be connected to employees and clients, and at the same time, require greater flexibility, for remote access, and ease of access to files from the conference room to a colleague’s office. Because most organizations require large groups of people to seamlessly access data and programs, finding the right network cabling installer is critical to the long-term success of any organization. Here’s what you should look out for when considering the right company for the job.


Naturally, availability should be your number one concern when selecting an installer. Network services companies are in a unique position, in that, they are often called upon during inopportune times, after hours, early in the morning, and potentially on the weekend. A company that promises to be available 24/7 is going to win out over 9-5ers any time—keeping your business in tip-top shape no matter what time it is.


When putting something as critical as your organization’s data in the hands of another company, trust is a big issue, to say the least. You’ll want whoever is installing your structured cabling system to have the skills and expertise required to deliver maximum connectivity swiftly and accurately. This person must understand your telecommuting needs—and ideally has been in the business for a long time. Find out what you can about the history of the company you’re looking at, see if you can get a recommendation from someone who has used them in the past. In short, do your research, it’ll pay off.

Understand the Procedure

Whichever company you go with should do their due diligence, and go beyond the basics. They should come for an initial assessment of the space and should work to truly understand your company’s unique needs for voice, data and more. This type of assessment is meant to kick start the installation process, by putting a plan into action for installation. Look for someone who asks questions, rather than nodding and pretending to look around. An engaged installer will provide some insights on the best design for your organization’s needs and a whole lot more.

Get an Estimate

You might be shopping around, looking for the most responsive team at the best price, that’s okay — while price is always a key concern, ask potential contractors for a formal proposal. This will give you an estimate of all the costs involved, and the contents of the proposal should contain the answers to all questions you want covered before the install takes place. Keep in mind, the lowest estimate may not always be the winner, look for the one that takes the most care in answering your questions and addressing your concerns, even if you have to invest a little more, the relationship with your cabling company is ideally, a trusted, long-term one.

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