Business Startups in Russia: What’s popular and where do you fit in?


Russia is the largest country all over the world in terms of its geographic area where significantly large areas are not occupied at all. With such a large area, it is bound to attract different business-minded people wanting to explore the untapped areas. Entrepreneurs seek to find out which is the most popular form of business to start in Russia. This gives some insight on what will work there and what can’t. Below is a list of some lucrative businesses that are worth opening up in Russia.

Oil Production

Russia is among the largest oil and gas producers globally. As such, if you could come up with a company that solely supplies machinery for mining, it could be worth the idea. Being such a large producer calls for a supplier to meet the demand for such equipment. Just as the saying goes, as demand increases, supply has to increase too. The need for innovative technology meant to make things even faster is what could make Russia more competitive. Therefore, forming a company that has the latest type of machines could lead to its outstanding performance.

Food Production

One thing you can never go wrong with is putting up a restaurant or a simple, fast food area. The key is to come up with unique top-notch packages that will attract more customers. Creativity and quality come first in a bid to satisfying the needs of different clients. The more comfortable the place is, the more people will trickle in. People love places where congestion is less in line with offering new packages. When coming up with such a business, always ensure that you adhere to all rules and have the necessary licenses necessary to put it up. Russia relies heavily on food and drinks imports hence; coming up with such a business idea could give you a higher opportunity.


Every country aims towards having the latest technology in all aspects. Establishing a company an IT company could come in handy in terms of profit margins. Provided that you have a unique system that can prove to be very helpful in different dimensions of various sectors across the country your business has a chance of thriving. Technology keeps on changing every single day and getting the right team who can be able to catch up on such trends could maintain the business afloat. Having such a company that deals with technology is one of the lucrative business ideas one can have in Russia. 


For people who prefer more hands on businesses, agriculture could be the way to go. Russia majorly imports food and drinks. Coming up with farming the rare type of agricultural products, could make you more marketable as you sell your products to people hence reducing the need for exporting. Large scale farming could bring in major revenue most especially if you have the right information and the latest type of equipment. A well-structured business idea that incorporates all capital needed and the expected cash flow will make the business more viable as you do a market research. Most people may think farming is old fashioned; however, having the right information and staff could go a long way in ensuring that the business is a huge success.

Every business startup is always a challenge, and you have to tread carefully with calculated steps to ensure that it does not flop. Adequate research has to be done to make sure that you venture into a business whose returns are high and has the potential for growth. Choose a business idea wisely that will place you at the top of the market.

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