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Does Outsourcing Human Resources Work?

Human Resources

How important is getting HR support in your company right?  HR is seen as an invaluable support function to not only the management but also the employees.  Not having some level of guidance in place could lead to some difficulties and maybe legal problems.  Appreciating that not all companies can employ a HR team to deal it may be something you consider purchasing a service from with a HR consultancy firm.  Some of the benefits and services they provide are listed below:

Employee contracts – Employee terms of contracts need to be thought through to ensure they align with your business expectations on working hours, locations and salary.  Not only should they have what you “want” but also what is “required” by law.  HR will align you on the minimum requirement for pay, holidays, time off etc.  In addition to this there would be clauses in contracts aligned to consequences of not turning up for work, process to inform manager, return to work etc.  An HR consultancy firm may not be seen as “legal” experts however they will certainly know the working requirements for the country and region applicable and will help guide and coach you on this.

Employee disputes – Hopefully you never have employee disputes however unfortunately this is part of business and sometimes common in different industry sectors.  A HR Consultancy firm will help you develop a clear grievance process that is fair to your employees and on a case by case basis they will also give you guidance and support.  It is important that they help be as impartial as possible and they will act as an independent advisor.  They will be there to help support you through the process and give coaching but also be on hand for the employee to give them any advice they need.  Depending on the HR Consultancy firm selected and the location, if interviews are required they could support onsite in person.

Pay / rewards – If you were to poll people about what is important to them in the workplace, I am sure “pay” will come up as one of the most important factors.  It’s important to ensure you understand the legal requirements for pay (minimum wage in regions) but also look to increase your employees salary annually if possible in line with performance and economic factors such as inflation.  HR will help manage this for you and support communications to the workforce.  In addition, they will support on other incentives and promote pensions, bonuses etc.

Dismissal – Unfortunately if you are at a point where you are wanting to dismiss an employee, support will definitely be recommended.  If you get this wrong then your company can be sued for unfair dismissal which can be both costly but seriously damage your company reputation.  If at this stage, the HR Consultancy firm will give coaching on the consequences of this decision but also a view as to the fairness.  Make sure you engage them immediately if dismissal is something that is a potential outcome of a situation to get the right level of guidance at pace.

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