When the summer weather hits, many of us head outside to enjoy the sunshine, the fresh air and the lazy days of summer. With the addition of a deck awning, however, you can extend your enjoyment of the outdoors into fall and possibly even winter. What’s more, an awning can help protect your deck from damage. For those reasons, it has become increasingly more popular for homeowners to purchase an awning for their deck.

How does an awning protect and preserve your deck? Think of it this way. Your deck is exposed to the elements – sun, rain, snow, wind, heat, humidity and more – every single day. Those things can cause warping, discolouration, and other signs of damage over time. An awning shields your deck from the elements, thereby protecting it from damage and ensuring you can enjoy your deck for years to come.

One of the best reasons to install a deck awning is that it provides a place to get away from the blazing heat of the sun on a hot summer day. Deck awnings block solar heat so, in addition to providing a physical block from the sun (in the form of shade) a deck awning also keeps the deck at a cooler temperature. No more burnt toes when you walk barefoot out on to the deck! This can be particularly useful for homes with pets or small children whose feet could easily be scorched by a hot deck.

When it comes to choose awnings for decks in Montreal residents are virtually spoiled for choice. There are so many options out there in terms of colour, pattern, fabrication, design and bonus features that make finding a deck awning to perfectly suit your needs easy and fun! It’s a good idea to choose an awning that matches and complements the style and colour of your home. If your home is a neutral colour, for example, an awning can be a great way to accessorize your home’s exterior with a little bit of colour or a fun pattern. When it comes to style choices for awnings, the possibilities are virtually endless!

Incidentally, you’ll have options when it comes to choosing the fabric for your awning, too. The most common options for fabrication are canvas and aluminium. Both are great options. Canvas comes in lots of colours and is very strong and durable. Aluminium, by contrast, is more cost effective, easy to keep clean, and will keep the house cool because it reflects the sunlight and bounces it away from the house. Aluminium is also very strong and built to last a long time.

If you haven’t been using your deck because you don’t want to bake in the hot sun, a deck awning can be a great option for you. It will keep your deck area cool and shaded and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space all summer long and into the fall, while staying cool and in the shade all the while.

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