How businesses can save money from moving to the cloud

Why would you consider moving your business to a private cloud solution? There are a plethora of reasons, but the most important reason is that it just makes excellent business sense.

Yes, it’s more efficient but at the end of the day, having a private cloud solution allows you to concentrate on what matters most; your business.

The beauty about cloud computing is that it can be used on many different types of applications, not just business security applications. It saves businesses money and it’s easy to switch on, expand and contract.

Here are a few reasons why moving to a private cloud solution will save businesses money.

  1. Utilising Hardware

With cloud computing comes the possibility of scale. There will be peaks and troughs in the workloads and because you’ll be sharing server infrastructure with other organizations needs, your cloud provider will optimize the hardware needs of the data centers. The end result is that you’ll incur lower costs for your business.

  1. Decreased power costs

A more efficient hardware utilization means that less electricity will be used. By running your own data center, your data servers will not be running as efficiently as they should be. Static servers are a big energy waster, so having a cloud service solution will save you money as you won’t be running your own data service.

  1. Decreased staff costs

One of the biggest costs for businesses is their staffing budget. In general, this makes up more than 50% of their total expenses. The reason is due to the fact that IT people demand high salaries as well as other benefits. If you add in the cost to acquire excellent staff members then the cost increases even further.

By moving to a Private Cloud Dell provider, you pay for the service and their staffing costs – which is a lot less than if you did everything in-house for your business. It’s not necessary that you have to fire your IT staff when you move to the cloud, you can just position them elsewhere in your business where they can concentrate on further growing your business.

  1. No capital costs

Running your own servers can set your business back a lot of money. By using a cloud computing solution, these costs are taken care of by someone else. You may think that the cost of your own servers can be spread out over the lifespan of the servers’ life, but the money involved still needs to come from somewhere.

  1. No extra hardware lying around (just in case something happens)

Obviously if you’re running your own servers, you’ll need to have protection in the form of duplicate servers etc to cover you in case of any hardware failure problems. By having all these extras lying around, it becomes an expensive method to protect your business.

A better, more cost effective route to take would be to let a private cloud computing provider take care of this redundancy issue. They will have multiple locations for their data centers and your data would be mirrored in at least two of them. This just makes good business sense and you’d have the comfort knowing that someone else is looking after this major problem for you.

By moving to the cloud, you’ll be saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint of data centers. At the end of it all, cloud computing is a proven way to save your business money.


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