How to Get More Detailed QuickBooks Advice


Small business owners are finding this out the hard way, but for those that haven’t, here is a little time-saving advice. Accounting professionals may not be able to help their business with QuickBooks. This may be a shock, but even though a business’ accounting professional may know a little about using QuickBooks, the only way a small business owner can get expert and detailed help is by speaking with a QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

A ProAdvisor is an accounting professional who has received special training. These training courses are developed by the same company that developed the popular QuickBooks software. After their training is completed, each ProAdvisor has to pass a series of tests. Only then will Intuit award them with the ProAdvisor certification.

While many ProAdvisors are CPA’s like Michael Yuda in Hawaii, they are not required to be. Certified ProAdvisors can be accounting professionals like CPA’s, other small business owners, or even consultants. No matter what their background, each ProAdvisor has undergone the rigorous training and received certification from Intuit.

There are plenty of reasons why a small business owner would choose to invest in an Intuit certified ProAdvisor. The first being the expertise these professionals have in QuickBooks and how to effectively use and customize it for your special needs or situation. A support technician can answer simple questions a business owner may have, but when a need arises for more personalized assistance, the Intuit support staff can only do so much to help. Being able to speak to a professional who understands the unique challenges faced by today’s business owners can not only help alleviate the issue but simply add a little extra peace of mind.

Many business owners feel more satisfied with QuickBooks and more confident using the software after investing in a certified ProAdvisor. Business owners that seek out CPAs that are trained ProAdvisors get the convenience of one-stop shopping, which is why so many CPAs are becoming certified ProAdvisors.

Business owners wondering if they will be able to find a ProAdvisor near them can rest easily. There are thousands of certified ProAdvisors all over the country. Every one has different specialties and backgrounds, but they have all received the same training.

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