How to Offset Your Printing Footprint

Did you know that every year in the USA 24 billion newspapers are circulated and 6.4 million tons of paper are sent to households as junk mail? The USA accounts for a shocking 30% of global paper consumption, which is an enormous amount of trees! The average office worker burns through approximately 10,000 pieces of paper every year – which is a pretty disturbing statistic.

Not only is using that much paper terrible for the environment, it’s also a major cost for your bottom line. Whenever you use paper you will need to pay for purchasing it, as well as storage, copying, printing, postage, disposal and recycling of that paper. So how could your business reduce its paper usage? Check out this great infographic from Stinky Ink that offers plenty of interesting information about reducing your printing footprint. It offers a lot of useful strategies, such as reducing page sizes, sharing documents among co-workers and using digital revision tools on the computer rather than printing out every draft.

Check out the infographic to learn more about how you can reduce the amount of paper your office uses, benefiting your profits as well as reducing your impact on the environment. If you found the infographic useful, make sure to share it with your friends!

How to Offset Your Printing Footprint – An infographic by the team at

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