If You Don’t Have a Mobile Business Platform, You’re Missing Out

If you’re planning on selling products or sending invoices online, it’s important that your business accounting software adapt to mobility.

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Since the development of the Internet, online sales have increased regularly every year. This is due to the availability of products and the convenience of shopping from home. I have done a bit of shopping on the world wide web as well and found products I wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. Adding the ability to accommodate mobile users just adds more to the experience as sellers can meet the demands of shoppers from across the country. If you’re planning on selling or sending invoices online, can your business accounting software adapt to mobility?

Businesses Moving to Mobile Sales Interaction

Currently, as many as 51 percent of business-to-business companies use mobile functionality as a sales channel. However, this number is expected to increase as most surveyed businesses plan on including additional mobile capabilities. Less companies are relying on direct phone calls as apps and other interaction produce greater results than those practices of the past. It’s easier and more efficient for customers to directly interact with a business from the use of a device that is carried with them throughout most of the day.

Front and Back Office Procedures

Out of the surveyed business, nearly one-third of them plan on integrating mobile apps to help with order entry, history and sales rep interaction. In order to maintain this level of efficiency, the business accounting software needs to be able to adapt to mobility as well. Through tools such as mobile invoicing, your staff can bill customers regardless of their location. If your business relies on direct onsite work such as construction or outsourced projects, invoices can be sent immediately without needing to return to the office at the end of a job. This also helps facilitate a quick payment as customers can receive the invoice and pay it while standing there next to your staff.

Meeting the Demands of Customers

The two main driving forces for business mobility are customer demand and developing technology. These two go hand-in-hand as I believe that demand will always be enhanced through available technology. The technology will always be improved because of customer demand. It’s a symbiotic relationship that drives efficiency and overall improvement of business practices. It’s imperative that your business functions are easier to access at all times in order to give customers that instant gratification that most of them will expect. If your business accounting software doesn’t help you achieve that aspect, the business could be making less money than it could be.

Sum of Online Sales Moving to Mobile Devices

Since 2012, mobile eCommerce sales have nearly tripled in total income. This growth contributes to roughly 21 percent of the total sales made by those shopping online. It’s believed that the total sales for 2015 are to rise another three percent while accumulating another $20 billion. By adapting your business to a mobile platform, you could assume a piece of that proverbial pie and possibly increase your revenue stream.

Meeting the Needs of Clients

When it comes to dealing directly with clients, convenience reigns supreme. Clients and customers relish in instant gratification, and offering tools to deliver that aspect can attract new clients while keeping current ones. When you tie mobility in with your business accounting software, you provide some of the most sought after customer service experiences in today’s market.

As many as three-quarters of online retailers have, or are planning to, develop mobile functionality. As I have helped several brick-and-mortar businesses move to incorporate more of an online presence, I witnessed the direct impact it has made. Even the smallest of businesses can benefit from online activity such as accepting credit cards through mobile devices. Owners shouldn’t feel intimidated by the available technology, especially when using business accounting software. Technology should be embraced as it provides a heightened level of efficiency which could vastly improve business practices.

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