If You Haven’t Gone Mobile – Now Is the Time

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It takes a lot of work growing a company in today’s highly competitive market. By this point in time, everyone knows that one of the best ways to build brand and increase your market share is through online adverts and marketing strategies. However, if you haven’t built a responsive website, you are losing out on a significant audience that could have been converted. If you haven’t gone mobile, now is the time. Here’s why.

The Google Monster Strikes Again!

Just a few short months ago Google updated their algorithms yet again. This time they are bent on penalising websites that aren’t mobile friendly. Not-so-lovingly referred to as Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon,’ this update will see to it that non-responsive websites (sites that aren’t mobile friendly) will not be listed in the mobile SERPs.

It Really Was a Logical Update!

Actually, you may not believe it at first sight but this really was a logical update and one that can only benefit your company if you understand where they were going in changing their algorithms. Since a huge portion of consumers now search via their mobile phones, Google wanted to improve the mobile UE. Sites that weren’t responsive couldn’t be viewed well on mobile phones, so mobile users were getting increasingly frustrated. Those websites that took the initiative to develop mobile friendly versions of their site were the ones that saw an increase in traffic and conversions from searches conducted on mobile phones.

A Total Re-design Isn’t Necessary!

Many companies have chosen not to go mobile because they feel the expense will be too great at the moment to have their site totally redesigned. Actually, that isn’t at all necessary since there are applications and plugins that can quickly change main pages within your site to a mobile friendly format. Your web design company can also help you update only the main landing pages that you want to rank for. Bear in mind that these latest changes by Google will not affect the way search results from desktop computers are handled, just from mobile phones!

The Importance of Mobile Friendly Sites for Local Searches

One of the largest segments of the industry that will be affected by mobile searches would be local businesses. So for example, if you need mobile friendly website in the North of England, you would want to talk to a Web Design Manchester company that can accommodate responsive designs for local advertising. When seeking local businesses, many searches are conducted on mobile phones whilst the user is on the road already. This will only serve to benefit your business, so it is an expense well spent.

Whether your business is a local establishment or an ecommerce site, it pays to go mobile. You will lose a great deal of traffic if your design isn’t responsive and you know that equates to a decrease in conversions! If you can’t get people to your site, how can you convert them? Don’t lose business to competitors who have taken the initiative to convert to mobile friendly formats. If you haven’t gone mobile, now is the time!

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