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Qualities That Separate Successful Startups From Startup Flops


The startup world is hectic to say the least with new companies being created on a daily basis. The decisions of the staff and a bit of luck have a huge impact on whether a company is successful or completely fails. The qualities of a successful startup are vast as a versatile startup generally breeds success. Forming the right group of people is important but the processes as well as major business decisions will be of the utmost importance. Hitting deadlines, optimizing production , and constantly improving are obvious but the following are a few less stressed qualities that have the same importance.


The business world is all about how a company can adapt to the changes going on in a specific industry. A startup can fail from lack of adaptability quite quickly for a variety of reasons. At times a founder wants to build a company in their vision and their ego will not allow them to vary their plan in any way. Finding employees that are versatile and adaptable allows a company to use these employees where they need them. The employees with a huge skillset can work as an interdepartmental mercenary to tackle any tasks that need to be done ASAP. These employees have quite a bit of job security as they can literally do most of the jobs in the office. It can be advantageous to hire those who have thrived in multiple roles but might not have quite enough experience to meet the base requirement. Proving to be productive in multiple areas allows this person to be used as the company needs that specific month or quarter.

Proactive Instead of Reactive

Reactive companies do not see problems on the horizon or fail to do anything when a problem arises. Proactive companies see some issue then take the steps in order to prevent the problem from happening or from happening in the future. Proactive staff members are the ones putting together the leads from the website weeks in advance. A reactive employee is one that won’t change the water jug once it runs out as it isn’t their problem. Small things like keeping the eating areas clean shows pride in the startup and what it looks like. These are things that clients notice when they come for a sales pitch or production meeting.

Basing Decisions on Data, Not Feelings

Startups are the perfect place to make friends as many of the employees are around the same age. This can make things difficult when it is time to let someone go due to lack of funds or lack of production on the employee’s part. Taking an honest look at how profitable an employee is can help in a variety of areas. This can come in handy if an employee is asking for a raise they simply do not deserve. Showing employees how they are doing in relation to others can be an staggering thing as some people do not realize they are doing poorly. Use data to see the true value of your employees so you can reward those doing the best job. Far too often those who are valued might be the wrong people when the numbers are really analyzed. There should be a set margin that each employee should make for the company.

Building a Juggernaut Marketing/Sales Team

The sales team and marketing team need to work together closely in order to produce leads that convert from the website and other SEO efforts. The website for online based businesses is the face of the company so it is important to make the website as professional as possible. Checking out the best dedicated server hosting can be a good decision for an ecommerce website. Keeping the website up and running directly impacts the profits for the day so get a hosting solution that also offers 24 hour support. Building a brand that markets effectively will also help the sales team as there are just some startups that people go out of their way to work with. Building an incredible team might take a bit of capital or other tactics. Offering star salespeople a bit more commission or allowing them to work from home can attract top talent. This works for any role that a person can be just effective at working remotely.

The startup world can be exciting as well as extremely stressful. The qualities above will help you deal with what you will need to do to be successful. What are some qualities you look for when trying to work for a new startup?

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