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Reducing Grunt Work: 7 Aspects of Your Sales Process That Can Be Automated with Ease


Sales is a daunting business model where you are constantly looking for new clients, catering to your current ones and going all over the place for meetings, sales pitches and demos. Doing everything yourself is close to impossible. That’s why you need to automate your business. Here are seven ways that you can use AI, employees and other methods to automate your business and get things done faster than ever.

Learn to Work Less 

The biggest obstacle to automation and working less is you. Most people want to work less, but they stop short because they are worried that the business won’t function properly. Start replacing yourself with AI and employees and see how things run. If everything is good, then you’ll notice that the business runs smoothly even when you’re not there.

Simple and Repeatable 

Make your sales processes as simple and repeatable as possible. The simpler you make something, the easier it is for newcomers to start and veterans to perfect. Complicated systems require too much brain power and can easily break. Make your business simple and you’ll see it do more than ever.


You may not notice it yet, but you are likely doing repetitive tasks throughout your day. Look clearly at your normal tasks and see what you are doing over and over again. If there is repetition, then there is likely a system that you can implement that will do the task better and with less effort.

AI Systems 

AI has been talked about for years, but now it’s finally being implemented in a serious and useful way. There are AI Customer Relationship Management systems, or CRMs, that learn your business and help you complete tasks and identify holes in your sales process.

You can get intelligent sales automation solutions from Spiro. This will help you do so much more with significantly less effort.

Streamline Communication 

Unintentional sacrifices are often made as a business grows larger. One of the worst sacrifices is communication. A small business has just a few people that can easily talk to each other, but a large business with hundreds or thousands of people makes this communication much harder.

Be sure to use efficient communication systems to automate the process and make it simple for teams, employees and department heads to speak with one another. This will ensure that all other processes run smoothly.

Stop Micromanaging 

Micromanaging makes work harder both for you and the employee. It requires a lot of your time and effort, increases effort for the employee and no one is happy or productive because of it. Allow your employees some room to grow and creatively figure out solutions to problems. They’ll complete more and you can concentrate on your own projects.


Employees who know why they are doing something are more productive than employees who just repeat a process because they are told that it’s important. When employees know the business, understand the processes and are educated, then you’ll see that they are more productive and creative. Invest in education both for yourself and your workers.


There are many ways to reduce grunt work and automate your sales processes. These seven ways are just the tip of the iceberg. Implement them as soon as possible and you’ll see that your business can do more with less effort. Don’t focus on working harder. Use these tips to work smarter.

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