Smart Steps for Businesses: Tips for Updating Your Security Program


How do you know that the data security system that you have in place at your business really does do its job as well as it should? When it comes to data security, there’s no final answer, of course — no system ever manages to stay current for any longer than a few weeks. Since data threats continually evolve; it’s important for every small- or medium-sized business with a data security plan in place to continually work to shape it and improve it. Not only should established security standards be met, they should be exceeded. Thousands of businesses do manage it.

Keeping up with change

Not long ago, it was standard practice for businesses to deploy new software directly on their computers or servers, relying on nothing more than antivirus to detect problems. The modern practice is to execute software on the cloud, in a virtual sandbox. Moving all of the server needs of the business to the cloud can be an even better solution, because cloud providers tend to have far greater security at all times.

The lesson to keep in mind is that improving a security program should not necessarily be limited to making incremental improvements. Often, it can mean starting from scratch when new developments in the field warrant doing so.

Tapping the client base for input

If yours is a B2C business, your clients aren’t likely to have much to offer by way of security suggestions. If you are a B2B business, though, your clients will have experience and expertise themselves in data security.

They are likely to have ideas about what kind of security they would like to see in the businesses that they deal with. According to Sec Tec, tapping clients for advice and feedback can be an excellent way to keep your business on the cutting edge.

Commission a security audit of your company

A number of internationally recognized data security standards exist to help businesses build their security systems. With names such as ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type 2, these audits and certifications can help you ensure that there are no areas where your company has slipped up. It is easy for complex security programs to suffer from areas of oversight, after all. Possessing such certification can also help inspire confidence in your partners.

Look closely at every mistake discovered

Whether your businesses has already suffered a data breach or you’ve come across mistakes through inspections and checks that you have in place, you need to make sure that every mistake discovered is correctly dealt with.

It should go on an action list, and there should be a delivery date by which you can be sure that it will be corrected. It isn’t unusual for businesses to invest a great deal in identifying problem areas, but then slip up when it comes to implementing changes.

Finally, the best way to keep a security program up-to-date is to ensure that every employee is invested in it. It can take quality employee education programs to make sure that this happens.

Leo Garner is a vulnerability assessor within the IT team of a large corporation. He shares industry insights and tips and tricks for smaller business owners who may not have a tech team behind them by writing for a broad range of business blogs.

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