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5 Solid Reasons You Should Use A Sales Recruitment Company

Hiring a salesperson may sound easy enough, but in-house recruitment can be a real drain on time and resources. Not to mention the fact that in-house recruiters often don’t have the same reach as recruitment companies and therefore can’t draw from as wide a talent pool.

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Especially if you are hiring for B2B sales, a recruitment company is of paramount importance, since a good hire has the potential to make your company a lot of money. As if that wasn’t reason enough, here are five solid reasons why you should use a sales recruitment company for your next sales hire.

Cast A Wide Net

A great sales recruiting company will have a vast database of prospective salespeople from which to pull, as well as a tried and true methodology for assessing merit and performance. Takes the Sales Talent Agency recruiting services for instance – they’re the top sales recruitment agency in North America precisely because of their database of 200,000+ candidates, and their ability to quickly, accurately and efficiently assess those candidates. It’s quite simple – the wider the net you cast, the more likely you are to find the right salesperson.

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Ensure Quality And Professionalism

As mentioned, a great sales recruitment company not only casts the net, but also combs through it. Hiring in-house, you may find someone who looks good on paper, but whose soft skills are lacking, and therefore will not be a positive addition to your team. Performance is a large part of the equation, but you need a recruitment company to also measure for more difficult-to-detect things like motivation, emotional intelligence and curiosity.

Get A Specialized Salesperson

What if you need a salesperson who has experience selling your particular product or service, someone with an intimate knowledge of your industry? With a vast database comes the ability to screen for a particular relevancy, meaning that you get – not just any salesperson – a salesperson with a successful record selling your product or service.

Hire A Salesperson Quickly

Ideally, you would take your time finding the right person, but business doesn’t work like that – oftentimes, you need a salesperson fast, in order not to disrupt the workflow. A great sales recruitment company will venture to present candidates promptly. The aforementioned Sales Talent Agency, working at an unmatched speed, can present quality candidates in between 3-6 business days.

Save Your Money

In-house recruitment might intuitively sound cheaper, but when you factor in the in-house recruiter’s salary, alongside the advertising costs and overhead expenses, well… it’s actually more expensive. And not only do you save money during the recruitment process when you use a sales recruitment company, but you save money in the long run by avoiding sales staff turnover as a result of poor recruitment.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. But if you are looking for a hire that is as close to a sure thing as you can possibly get, go with a sales recruitment company. Between the wide net they cast and the sophisticated methodology they use to assess candidates, you will almost certainly end up with a better sales hire.

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