State-of-the-Art Dining: Designing a Fabulous Restaurant Layout from Scratch


Your restaurant will grow more successful as you put forth more effort. It takes the right menu, theme, and layout. The number and shape of tables, your chosen theme, and offered menu helps create the layout of your restaurant. Here’s how to do it from scratch.

Seating Capacity Versus Elbow Room

Your local codes dictate how many people can accommodate the establishment. A crowded dining room makes it harder for servers to get in and out of aisles. It also makes your diners feel cramped and rushed. In some cases, the demand for the food warrants a larger table count.

How Would You Feel About Sitting There?

Many restaurants have undesirable seating areas – tables near the kitchen, bathroom, and front door. How would you feel about waiting for some time and then being seated near a bathroom? Be empathetic toward your customers. While it could be tempting to pack the room, be mindful of the preferences and possible reactions of patrons. Some areas of the restaurant may not be very suitable for comfortable seating.

Leave Room for a Bar or Lounge?

A bar or lounge area creates yet another attraction to your establishment. Find restaurant bar stools for sale and complement the dining area with places for patrons to sit and lounge before and after eating. You could invite musicians to play live music during dinner or late night hours and invite local celebrities to be guest bartenders.

Crunch the Numbers

You have plenty of table and booth options at your disposal. The shape of tables influences the engagement of patrons as well as the arrangement of the room. If you opt for large circular tables, for example, you’ll be able to seat bigger parties but host a lesser number of them. Alternatively, a fine dining restaurant may have smaller tables with large tables in rooms hosting wedding receptions, birthday parties, etc. Figure how tables can fit in your dining area and how many of each.

Do You Want to Anchor the Tables and Seating?

You have the option of purchasing anchored seats and tables or those that are mobile and can be rearranged. There are advantages to both styles. Anchored chairs offer more legroom and can accommodate more of your patrons. Mobile seating allows you to change the layout and makes it easier to accommodate handicapped and elderly guests. Depending on the layout of your building, you could use both varieties.

Don’t Dismiss the Weather and Exterior Factors

What’s the weather like in your area? Study the state of restaurants in your area code. In best case scenarios, you have a great view of the ocean, mountains, lake, etc. This is advantageous, as you can arrange tables near windows or install a patio. In worst cases, the direction of the sun makes the dining room hot and blinds seated patrons; you’ll want to install shades so guests are not uncomfortable. Don’t dismiss how the weather or exterior can positively or negatively influence diners and guests.

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