When an entrepreneur or business owner decides to sell his business, you should note that you must put the same dedication to sales made ​​in creating your company. The decision to start a business is difficult, both personally and financially, implies sacrifices and hard work. But whether or equal complex is decide to sell the business, a process that can take some time. In the company say that to attract quality buyers to acquire your business, and ensure the best outcome, ideally working with a professional business broker and go with him twenty steps to selling a business.


Commitment: the seller must commit to selling your business, which means being willing to benefit from market conditions and not be guided only by their own criteria. Sometimes employers think of selling their companies, but not are fully convinced want to. This should reflect in establishing their own conditions of sale, such as a specific price and payment, and are not willing to negotiate. When the process of finding a buyer is not successful, just do not sell. Also, not being committed, the employer will waste your time and potential buyers. Commitment means being willing to negotiate and reach a final agreement. 

Documentation: Once the owner of the company is committed, shall meet all the necessary documentation and data required to sell your business documentation used to determine the business characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, the reality of the industry, the growth curve of business, etc. Some documents you will need are: financial statements; commercial information related to markets, sales volumes and product lines; operational information (production, trade, distribution, sales networks, wholesale or retail, etc.) These records shall be delivered to business broker, who will create a sales prospectus for further submission to potential buyers. Note that the company name will not be mentioned buyers nor publicized. As will be detailed, for example, the category to which the industry belongs.

Rating and price: Should be analyzed and technically exhaustive company to suggest a realistic price of it and establish appropriate conditions of sale an intermediary, such as eg a business broker. Determine the price of the company according to the background or documentation of it evaluating both the qualitative as well as quantitative factors, and finding their market value to try to achieve an objective figure. Its particular history, its ability to generate future earnings, the value of its tangible and intangible assets to make the recovery process a combination of several methodologies that include various factors unique to the company being valued, such as used and comparable ratios of industry or sector. It also considers factors such as historical cash flow generation, the probability that these are not repeated or future yields, the risk of competition, technological change, willingness to help and not to complete form the former owner and working capital needs. Its easy to sell your business if you follow the steps.

Advertisement: after determining the value of the company should be to inform potential buyers the sale of the business. For this, you can use various promotional tools marketing and advertising as putting ads in the newspaper or business broker can use their networks, such as companies looking to buy other companies, brokers ties with other national and international business, among other Note that You can use a combination of methods of promotion for the market to know that your business is for sale. In advertising only the type of business and some general aspects touted, but as already said is not specific to that company it is, as this can have a negative impact on employees, suppliers, competitors and customers.

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