The Advantages of Using Every-Pay

As an online payment platform, Every-Pay has transformed the way people do business online. It has done this by simply providing individual with an easier way of making payments for online transactions. By so doing, as a merchant you can solely focus on growing your business and payments to be taken care of by the platform. With each of the products designed with the ultimate goal of making your life easier, you can rely on the online platform for multifunctional solutions in as far as making online payments is concerned.

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The platform has done everything to make the service user friendly. The process has been simplified to make it straightforward for users. Therefore you should not have any problems trying to integrate the payment system into your e-commerce platform. Once you’ve accessed the service, you can expect to benefit from the following advantages.

  • Offers reliable and secure payment solutions

It helps to know that the platform has made efforts to try are ease the start process. It is quite easy to accept payment cards on your website with EveryPay. The simple setup that is required makes it ideal for anyone who wants to join. You no longer get to worry about opening a merchant bank account because the service does everything for you by helping you acquire a bank. With no fees required during the setup process, the service makes it easier to link your online payment platform with your e-commerce for free. In addition to that, the service also allows your customers to make purchases with as many currencies as they want.

  • Allows for a broad functionality

To ensure that your web shop enjoys smooth payments, the platform provides for a wide variety of payment options. The platform will help you to integrate your e-commerce business with EveryPay by redirecting their payment page with your merchant logo. By so doing, the platform provides you with ready-made solutions. The platform also allows for recurring payments and subscriptions which gives your business and customers the flexibility that is required when customizing the interval whenever the payments are charged.

  • You get to manage your payments through your merchant portal

With EveryPay, you get a service that can use your Merchant Portal to help you get detailed overviews by helping you to track and manage aspects of your payments. The service achieves this by providing you with detailed overviews and reports. With a Merchant Portal, you can easily see your payment history and other specific payment details among other things. The Merchant Portal also allows you cancel or make refunds on payments.

  • Enhanced security

The fact that EveryPay is PCI DSS level 1 certified means that the platform provides you with solutions and process that meet the highest industry requirements. You can count on their internal standards which are much higher. The goal is to try as much as possible to minimize chases of security issues that may pose as a threat to their customers.

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